Everything except Shi Kyung’s death and foreign stand-ins making like they’re Americans was of the highest standards. LSGLover May 25, at 3: Yum Dong Hun Supporting Cast. He likes to be the center of attention, he likes to make a spectacle. Kang Han Byul Supporting Cast. This is exactly the leverage she needs. Ha Ji Won was great as usual.

He wanted power and thought money would bring it to him.. Did Bong Gu really always act in his own best interests? The ending kind of killed this show for me. Overall a satisfying ending. I think Bong Gu was characterised as a psychopath with narcissitic personality disorder. Dong-ha wearing a much more decorated uniform comes to find Jae-ha, and he comes to greet North Korean soldiers for the new WOC team.

SINOPSIS The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 – 20 Episode Terakhir

Oh, and as a gift for all of us: Your thoughts provoke me to look deeper. For Hang Ah, the turning point is when she call him Bong Gu too Jade Butterfly May 24, at I can’t wait to see Jo Jung-seok again. That fact is torture for him, evident when Jae-Ha met him. K2H, how could I kinb thee behind?


SINOPSIS The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Those two elements were similar in Secret Garden that’s why I fell in love with her and her character s. Choi Kwon Supporting Cast. Lenhkap Seung Gi Main Cast. Jae-ha would never have become the king he is without Eun Shi-kyung.

Jae-ha takes the silence as a no. I think he or she will understand. They say that the elngkap thing in the world is war. It’s been a good run and I will surely miss this show. Here’s this little punk Jae-ha, who is not particularly brave, pisses away his life, and yet chances upon the role as leader of a kingdom. Imprisoned, he is living, knowing that Jae-Ha is unbroken. Kayleigh May 25, at 4: They face southward legnkap bow.

Under-cooked acting with occasionals flares of overdramatised emotional outbursts which resulted in giving me uncomfy goosebumps. Missing all of them already.

Good luck in your ‘Hunt for Earnest Bot Project’. They each walk down the aisle from 1-02 side of the 38th parallel to meet in the middle. Because then shit like this happens.


Bong-gu gets the confirmation that the U. But then again, life in prison is a slow death. Minea May 25, at 1: Love this show now and forever: Not mine, thanks goodness. The ending kind of killed this show for me.

Sinkpsis was grinning when I saw how happy her Dad was when his grandchild called him. I’ll always remember this. I couldn’t fault-find anything. You make a good point.

From Dud to Dude? A hero who saves the girl is swoonworthy, sure. Great observations about the Bong Gu, the villain everyone loves to hate.

Best Dad Ever in kdramaland. With that mug and size, who could imagine that he would be the embodiment of child-like innocence and goodness???!!