It took blood, sweat, and tears to get everyone in front of a judge who deserved to be, and though it might have been overcooked and a little burnt, justice was eventually served. I actually loved how that was written. Same case with DMJ, someone so good with words cannot find any words that express his feelings. It is harder to let go, but then it is also even harder to live with that burden for the rest of her life. Due to its popularity, the program is also broadcast in selected countries worldwide. MJ was reading my mind, when he froze time and left the reporters. I love how even if people have pointed out his crazy hairy legs numerous of times, the boy still doesn’t shave them unless he has to for a CF, lol.

Tae-joon was rotten to the core but he wasn’t your stereotypical psychopath, rather a man capable of love, friendship and, finally, growth when he accepts his punishment and finally realizes what “taking responsibility” really means. It seems he was unable to go his holiday with his family too. At first I didn’t know who are the actors.. Punch, I give you a standing ovation. What consequences will there be? Seanshine February 21, at 3:

With a cherry on top. Will definitely put that as well as Nobunaga Concerto on my watch list. Song Eun-chae is the fashion coordinator and childhood friend of a famous Korean singer, Choi Yoon.

I love the ending: Have you had the time to check out the video with the skit I mentioned in my last response? That was my favourite part!

You Are My Destiny ( TV series) – Wikipedia

Also, for some reason, MJ does not strike me sinposis someone who would have a hard time telling SY that he loved her, at least not this late in the game, when she has told him a few times that she loves himand when he has made it clear that he loves her more than she can imagine. So, all of this to say that I will be popping in and out this weekend to share my thoughts as well, as time permits. It is harder to let go, but then tou is also even harder to live with that burden for sinopss rest of her life.


Ha-kyung-ah, live a good life. It doesn’t hit me as a reincarnation hint, but as a way of saying that however painful their love is, she doesn’t regret it and would do it all over again.

The time aaranghae spent in in the villa where Song Yi kept nagging him about his inability to ‘perform’ almost felt like I was watching some ED infomercial. Such a rarity I kdramas. The subber didn’t translate this part and I was really curious.

Going on a walk, she notices an interesting tree duo with intertwined branches and trunks, which he sinopxis as two different species growing together as one. I can be on the verge of tears and suddenly let out a chuckle because of some random joke inserted in the story. No one even has time to react before the blackbox video showing Minister Yoon and Ho-sung at the crime plays.

Such a wonderful drama and characters. I know I know but a girl can dream right. Seriously, all the feels I got from this episode alone is more than the feels I got from other entire dramas. Evil Hyung in jail!

Song Yi being smart and turning the tap on so that Min Joon won’t hear her crying. It’s also my first time seeing Park Haejin in a drama. It seemed the hint at that when she was talking to him ssaranghae how if she turned back time they would fall in love again.

The truth finally finally lands for Dad. Thank you HeadsNo2 for the recap. At every request he said “as you wish”, which was his way saranghad saying ‘I love you. Jung Hwan really planned for everything done to giving his heart to Ha Kyung. But it could be you’re right I mean, he’s still the only friend he had before he knew Song Yi! But for me it seemed more like a deliberate sacrifice so that he can donate his internal organs to HG and save her. The shallow murmur, but the deep are dumb; So, when affection yields discourse, it seems The bottom is but shallow whence they come.


Sedangkan Harno, meminta putrinya yang bernama Dewi Rini Yulianti dan detektif pribadinya yang bernama Bambang untuk melacak keberadaan Young Min.

I will have to let him go. I’m bracing myself for next week, such deep love means deep heartbreak and buckets of tears! Yes, Korean actors and actresses tend to not sleep a lot very little during the filming of their dramas. Get a lot of info here. Actually im more a hopeless romantic but thanks to all the Beanies for dragging me into this sinoopsis.

I Love You, Don’t Cry

Jung-hwan-ah, how can you leave without keeping your promise this time? I feel so bad for hwi kyung I wish he didn’t belong to that family can someone from a better family adopt my hwi-kwungie pls. I’ll pass you the Kleenex box. I usually don’t cry because of sad dramas. Im in tears watching the final eoisode and also when reading the recap.

It seems he was unable to go his holiday with his family too. I did love how JJH acted in both scenes, the one where she read the diary, and her conversation with Lawyer Jang. Also, thank you for the link you gave me last week, about burials in Korea re: Yuna February 19, at 8: Personally, I do not mind the fact that DMJ cannot vocalise his feelings. Their quiet moments, and the walk and proposal on the beach. Also in general, when I don’t know something, or when I am not sure about something, I would rather ask than assume.

Yoo, who do not want to be bought. What does “heol” mean?