Prince D relays the news, the Western Party is ready to seize power on the dress tails of the Queen- he wonders aloud what the King would do. Though I am guessing their drunken conversations may be a little one sided… We have six episodes left. The King takes this opportunity to reveal his secret weapon; he has captured the assassins sent after him as well as the Western Party members that ordered the hits. Ok Jung, as usual, forgives him as she is just happy to be by his side. Prince D admits he always wanted to enter this place as a royal he is banned from holding a political position , Min asks him if his desire to come here was due to ambitions to sit on the throne…because if he is interested Lord Min and the Western party might be able to help him get there. Ok Jung arrives at the palace gates only to be met with armed guards demanding to know who she is. Prince D smiles, his true motivations unclear is he actually protecting the King or trying to take his spot?

Master Jin assumed Ok Jung would jump at the chance to renounce her uncle and run away- after all how could she do otherwise? What better way to find out who is against your best interest than to suddenly go away- slip into illness and see who does what. We cut to the meeting between Min and the King. Thanks for reading my recaps! This should be fun. His majesty seems to have made a miraculous recovery. The two realize they are similar in that they were both forced to separate from their children.

Jin begs her to just leave with him. Ok Jung departs with her brother, telling Jin that she hopes he finds peace. Lord Min is standing watch over the unconscious King when Prince D arrives.


The King tells Min he knows eipsode his treachery, Min has the gall to scoff at the accusation. Historically the Western party was overthrown and Ok Jung was made Queen- remaining in that position for six years.

Premium Watching Episode In Hyun tells Ok Jung that if she wants to keep her son alive she will give up her baby and leave- because if episodw does not Lord Min will certainly kill both of them.

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Prince D scoffs at this idea. His majesty seems to have made a miraculous recovery. Still wish for a happy ending for our OTP…if not I simopsis just reread all your beautiful recaps…over and over again. She looks back but does not see anything.

Yikes- stage a coupe or die. Jim Raynor appears in each episode of. Dear old sinopsls says the party has changed their mind- it is time to get rid of the Mom and baby as well as King Sukjong. I love the game changing truths between this episode and the last- the scenes I thought were unfortunately played against the King and Ok Jung were really actions in their favor.

Nice Shot” by Filter. Wow, this was a great episode.

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Ok Jung is not having any of it and fights off the maids that rush into her chambers and try to take the young Prince.

Fill in your details below or click guyy icon to log in: Instead we are given the very much alive original king. One guy was selling scented candles, which I desperately needed. In Hyun seems to realize something and quickly gets up.

Awww, she is maternal! Besides, the monarch says, he needs to have a more in depth discussion sinopsix his father in law. The King agrees as long as the retainers agree to what he wants- the deposal of the current Queen.


Ok Jung will not believe her Uncle could have started the fire and rushes off to go confront dear old Uncle Jang herself. Both men suffered defeat all because they considered their way of thinking above those around them. It is immediately apparent sinopsiss the Western party is scarcely represented- only two members are attending this session of the royal court.

Telah ditambahkan Video Preview dan Written Preview di akhir postingan. Episode Synopsis We pick up where eisode left off last episode- Ok Jung clutching her son and pleading with In Hyun to not take him away.

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As finale week approaches, its fallout time for Maru and his precarious house of cards. The King emphasizes that they need rpisode secure the signatures of the Western Party on a pact denouncing the crown prince; such evidence is enough to oust siopsis from the court for treason.

Nice guy episode 18 preview The King embraces his son and his love, apologizing for having to put them through such a traumatizing event. What do you think of sinopsie series thus far? Thoughts Wow, this was a great episode. Ok Jung leaves with her son; we witness In Hyun collapse in confusion as the doors of her chamber shut.

The King explains that he is at the point where he needs to flush out the enemy.