But we see that she tries to find a way out as Officer Thep reports to Nuth that Fahsai has requested his protection. He certainly had this begrudging look. It also diffuses the melodrama into something less depressing. He returned to his apartment, took the baseball out of its case, and placed it next to his most cherished possession of all: But i do agree with you. Joon Ha insists that he won’t lt Ma Ru help Eun Ki unless he makes this deal, and Ma Ru turns the table on him and insists he won’t offer his help unless Joon Ha makes this deal. Well, at least, more crazy that now. He allowed his fear of what happened to Botan to overwhelmed him instead of having the courage to fight through the battle.

He asks for a pre-nup for the divorce he sees as an eventuality. In the very first, character-establishing episode, yes. Maru stays up to do some studying on how to run a business, only to be crippled with headaches. At least have a moment with her parents where they give him more hard times before giving in. If you watched the original then it wouldn’t have been a surprise at Tae Ha’s coming out as a good guy. Jae In’s adopted mom was married to the eldest son, so she’s really his aunt.

In this episode Tae Ha has the opportunity to do that and he goes spisode further when he returns Da Hyun to Jae In without any conditions, plus he goes on to join forces with Jae In against his own father. He takes her hands and teases her, asking why she loves him. He tells her that from now on though, he will love her the most. Lakorn life is so unfair.

OMG Joo-hee is worse in the original? Tian Kong says that those big bosses are pulling out now that they heard Chernming is still alive, but he intends on killing them all once he gets his hands on the black book. And while I still enjoyed the scenes sinolsis had in earlier episodes, I’m glad we’ve reached a point where they are actively helping to move the plot along in someway and shedding some light on ncie mystery that is Kang Maru.


Agree with all your favorite moments! And he is a famous kisser in this industry. If love were reason enough for him to live, he would get surgery on his hematoma. Or maybe silence means yes. Ugh, cannot get over my annoyance.

She is unaware of the way Da Da has affected Jae In. I just couldn’t remember which one. Ep9 came out from the left field and went south all the way.

He seems to have foreseen that Fahsai would reject his offer, so A-Jo lament that Boss will take care of her himself if she declines the offer.

Why Tae Ha’s mom is so rude?? MR had something else in mind. The hell with realism, that guy deserves his happy ending. Jae-Hee always looked like 1-21 had her lipstick half put on. I got this from user Kiara over on the weekly ratings post. Please recommend a place for me. I was expecting a wicked witch of the west mother in law treatment. I wanted Daniel to grovel and for his Dad to apologize to Fahsai.

What I don’t understand is why she must go to Lawyer Park and ask why Jae In is ignoring her so much. Delusional me mice really wants to see Maru get his old life back.

Betsy Hp October 22, at 1: Well, at least, more crazy that now.

Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Episode 12 Final

That makes for a great experience. Plus, in no way can she resolve everything well in 4 episodes! Sionpsis I look back, she’s not the only character to wear lipstick, but the drama focuses so much attention to her lipstick application that it just seems to make sense that they were trying to say something with it. Maru looked very surprised when she entered his lane but then slowly his expression changed to a teary smile like he was accepting her challenge and going on a suicide mission.


Also the first pic when maru smiles while lying on his bed It was fun to see Tae Ha’s mom get owned by Jae In’s mom in this version though. That 12- out of nowhere threw me for a loop. sinopsiss

She walks over to the car to grab the camera, but as she turns back, she runs right into Daniel. Still tons of resolve to sort through: Also the reason why I looked forward to the remake from the start.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 13

Did i got this right? September 8, at 2: But there’s also the very adorable lawyer buddy whose sage advice about flowers had me LMAO!!! He promises to make her stop missing him.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Meanwhile Chernming gets handcuffed to Tian Kong and they take turn punching each other. Then along comes Joo Hee, who he maybe started to like but it turns out she only wanted him for his title. Then it’s less about, “you can’t have her because she’s mine” and more, “you can’t have because you stink and she deserves better. I don’t feel sorry for Maru, I pity him. Fahsai rushes to see Chernming and runs into his arms, worried for his safety.

Simopsis October 20, at 5: The predominant reactions I’ve seen are people nife the fact that his love for her came through loud and clear, while mourning the tragedy of their love story. I too am looking forward to Joo Hee’s comeuppance. Some random thoughts about this lovely show: Tae-ha opens it, only to have Jae-in throw sinosis punch at him.