But thank god for Tan speaking up against him. He apologizes for making her cry. A fish dying in pain? The guys run towards it, and Won-Yi hesitates a moment before running inside. It’s not a drama full of idols. Won staggers out with shoulders drooping in defeat despite having won his seat, because he was basically outmaneuvered by a father who was teaching him a lesson. Kimbo November 28, at Not to excuse Park Shin Hye’s horrible screen kissing skills because they really are horrible , but the Korean news reported like a week or two ago that Lee Min Ho was battling a cold but working through it even though his mouth was covered in cold sores.

Most of the cast are actual actors. I loved reading them to see what I had missed and just to get another perspective on things. It would have been fine if in the korean drama world she was allowed to kiss him back. I just left you a response below your post higher: Ah, so evil Dad This is not the first series where she has been accused of being a bit edgy in kissing scenes. Some teachers are really annoying and you have to raise your hand to leave class.

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And thank you for your response. He drops by the convenience store next, where he finds her sitting alone and gives her his coat.

But for PSH most likely there was not much of an opportunity to do so. CakeLady Dee November 30, hedgenog 2: It’s because Asian culture is very Conservative right wing and that faction of society is in control and they always pretend innocence and never realize that others see the pretense, hence-they live in bizarroland.

We are living in the 21st century for goodness sake, and women on screen msis be allowed to enjoy being kissed and cut out that innocence crap!

Such people must be really miserable with their own lives. Eun-sang left Korea an hour ago. O Maybe she hasn’t experienced love. She says a car passed earlier that looked like his, and points it out.


And if Lamesauce isn’t a dad or if he is divorce, actually think he and Customer can be a really funny couple! Literally it means “The talk about Hddgehog Sang.

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Zfih November 28, at 8: To be fair, I can totally understand not wanting LMH too close. L November 29, at 7: I also don’t think ES went abroad. Some people like to turn their brain off and not question anything. In which universe that kiss was awesome?

Nafiza November 29, at 2: Then he can deal with Tan, since Tan always figured last anyway. Tan’s cry at the end was so heartbreaking.

It was also nice just to laugh a things together, in a way; to know that someone else loved what you loved. The way he just clutches his heart sinopsiz he cries, too.

Sinopsis Drama Panda and Hedgehog (Tamat)

Jedgehog down the page does not take that long, and rest assured, it will not hurt your finger either. LSG December 3, at 4: I am not exactly sorry for Mom, I know just how the character was written but man isn’t she annoying and on top of being ignorant, that shrill voice.

Asue December 2, at 4: His eyes close everything goes black. He says to himself that he thought that was their beginning, but it turns out they started things 20 years ago.

With regards to PSH’s kissing it could also be a bit of nerves playing a part in her facial expressions. I went through some of what you were feeling a few discussion threads ago, and I’ll tell you what I told myself: But yeah Won Il and Eun Bi still lacking in the chemistry department.

How far have you gone? I have said it earlier, however I will say it again. Considering these are Korean parents, she must have been extremely intimidated by her Dad. Laden November 29, at 8: GoldenDiva November 29, at 5: You managed to ask pertinent questions and raise issues that would then stay with me for the following episodes.


I have to admit I get a little bit confused when I watch it and I can’t simply “turn my brain off”, I find myself pausing, rewinding and asking myself questions as well. She promises to wait for him at home, but the moment he closes the door she bursts into sobs.

Analyzing this drama would just give one a headache.

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Won warns that Dad will be able to track down Eun-sang in a heartbeat even with the new address, which Tan knows. Ivoire November 28, at 9: Oh yeah, that kiss was PSH’s best one. Thank you for your response: For his mum that house has been not much more than epjsode prison, and for many years at that!

Though that allows the angle for Stepdad to anx using it and commit his crime for real.

It wasn’t a rom-com as much as it was a lesson in how to safeguard yourself from coldness and cynicism, about how to build a family in modern times. So cliched, so over done, over wrought, pointless and filled with weepy, spineless women. Blame the director because he approved the shot and please spare PSH.

I know that Korea is still quite a conservative society despite all the economic progress and I’m guessing this conservatism persists to an even greater degree in rich families? Then how about Yoochun?