Though it may have failed in the middle part, the latter episodes did well in capturing my attention. I have to say, for a series I was only half-interested in for the first half of its run, this was a pretty good finale. Nonton drama korea terbaru Nonton bioskop. I think Han Sang gung’s idea would have been to get Soonyi pregnant so the court would be forced to accept her. But since Shi-yeon has earned it:. Quite a huge difference, and it was fairly gradual. Stairway To Heaven Episode Tamat.

In those times, follow the path of your heart, Jeonha. There were a few episodes in the middle there that nearly made my eyes bleed in boredom, but the latter half of the series picked up. Nonetheless, overall Goong S was great. So Hoo resolutely says: D12 – Steve’s Coffee House. And I’m totally agree with you. Because if I leave the Palace, I want to marry her. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown:

Drama korea a thousand days promise episode 1. Hoo anxiously waits for her, and finally finds a letter she slipped into his pocket. I’m from Indonesia, and the they’ve just played this drama since last month, which means I became a fan just recently.

You made it possible for us to want to continue watching the drama as we were able to understand what was happening and feel the emotions that were running through the characters. Full movies based on true story in english Mera saaya hindi film song mp3 Careful what you wish for full movie online Friends full episodes greek subs Heartland season 9 dvd Beste horror spiele xbox Seraph of the end season 2 ep 1 dub Game of thrones season 3 episode 10 subtitles indonesia Free download film marvel the avengers Romance, drama Jumlah Episode: So Hoo resolutely says: Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Like episode end 1-117 And I’m beginning to like her character as the drama goes by.


And the funny thing is that I’ve started reading other sections of your blog.

I have always enjoyed your rpisode as you injected your comments and humour in the most interesting manner. It reminds me of the kang hye-won character in full house.

Just FYI, i’m working on the final ep subs now so they should be released soon.

Becauseā€¦ I was really happy. Go, Han Sang Gung! I enjoyed Goong but wasn’t a rabid fan. The time-skip was also well done.

D12 – Steve’s Coffee House Skit. So thank you thank you thank you. Joon likes how simple things were back then, before they knew anything, just happily playing. Nothing will change foffee of me being Hwang Taeja.

Asian Stars: Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode Lengkap

I went to Youtube to find out more about him and came to love his singing and dancing, too. Jodhaa Akbar Bollywood,Coffee House. There were a few episodes in the middle there that nearly made my eyes bleed in boredom, but the latter half of the series picked up.

Deftones – Korea 3: I feel the same as you. But recently, for want of other kdramas to watch, I decided to give Goong S a second chance.


SINOPSIS Coffee Prince Episode 1-17 Episode Terakhir

The Man Who Guards Me. I’m already crying my eyes out on the first episode. I had hoped that would include that in the last episode to tie up the loose ends in the series. Soon-yi also notes that Sae-ryung and Hoo have become closer over the years, and even speak in informal banmal speech. Thanks for the recaps JB! One day, they went out to play and he remembers the first time she laughed; they fell into the river and got in so much trouble.


Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea Pages. The Queen Mother comes to Hoo, upset yet again that he introduced Soon-yi to his uncle. She admits to being unfaithful, but is certain Joon is definitely his son. One thing still hasn’t been covered.

During the challenges, he cheated and acted dishonorably. I am still trying to find an English subbed version of Goong S Ep. Only wished you had recapped every single episode instead voffee the last four or five! And boy, I don’t regret this!

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