Ah, so she IS looking for Kang-chi, and her interest in Tae-seo must be purely because of the inn and Jo Gwan-woong, not realizing how closely Kang-chi is tied to that family. Hello Mysterious, I loved what you said here. He left because he knows what it’s like to want to protect the girl you love, even though you know you can die. That’s the difference between these 2 girls. I like the disease thing because then no one would have his death on their conscience, because they didn’t create the disease. Three assassins come at her with swords, but even blindfolded and hands tied, Yeo-wool fights them off for a while.

I’ve never liked green eyes before Ivoire June 4, at 2: His one eye can act circles around Master Dam’s 2 exposed ones. This remembrance brings out the long buried goodness n love deep in his heart. A decidedly western spin, I know, but still. Is she to become the village bi-otch? I love that they are moving forward again. It is CJ herself, TS her brother, and people in that time n world who keep saying that she can’t no longer be with KC since she has become a gisaeng.

Like a rake gag, but sadder, and with puppies. Are you telling off his deadbeat dad?

SHE actually kissed him! It’s not weird to me.

Again, my favorite in its scope! I got done watching ep.

Fidelity June 4, at 8: It had action, it had intrigue and it had the depth that is soooo enjoyable and satisfying. Although at this point there are so many loose ends that i’m curious to see how the writer-nims wrap up.


SINOPSIS Gu Family Book Episode Episode Terakhir

Us famipy are just going with the flow of the drama. At least he gave him some useful vamily according to his own experience. I think that since the writing has picked up, I can die a happy person now. Ivoire June 4, at 4: Bojana June 4, at 3: Thank you for the recap. She’ll be kissing like Yoon Eun Hye in no time They should do it every episode. I personally think that this may be my favorite episode for sheer enjoyment.

It would be really stupid if she is the only one who doesn’t know.

Sinopsis “Gu Family Book” All Episodes

I wanted more verbal and outright protests, capturing public sinosis and resentment at the much higher level, because I’m starting to feel that a gumiho is not scary at all, hence I’m thinking, “Why does he want to become human again? Great minds think alike they say, and well I really love your site. A tear falls as he looks over at Kang-chi, surrounded by blue lights, still guarding Yeo-wool. I don’t predict a happily ever after for him and SH, but maybe they can both die in gj together.


KDRAMATIZED: [Link] Sinopsis Gu Family Book Episode 22 – Complete

Ivaa June 4, at 6: It is so fulfilling and satisfying. A decidedly western spin, I know, but still.

If someone in this drama needs to get an incurable disease, let it be JGW please. Especially when it comes to SH.

WR dressed in black, with long flying robe, look more crama a Wizard than anything. It’s just that I personally feel it’s kind of a wasted opportunity. I don’t like her and I think she doesn’t deserve WR, that’s why I am not for their happily ever after. Love the way Yeo wol went for seconds as well!

Gu Family Book 1-24 (Final)

Then again, if that were the case, I guess kuhu wouldn’t have needed a decoy for the party I was so scared. Good thing Gumiho Baby Smoochies are familj instant pick-me-up. Thank you so much for the recap, I watched it yesterday night but don’t know what they are talking about. I’m really hating on these stupid writers. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Ivoire June 4, at 2: As I said many times before I think she is a villain.