Kyung-ho tells Mi-kyung that she is indeed not his type, but she is Dr. Great ending, great dram and absolutely great recap! Magical — is there really a man like WooJae who never once give up on his love for SeoYoung? When she pulls down her box from on top of the dresser, though, she finds a gorgeous pair of brand new heels inside, along with a card. And the finale gave us the chance to see the progress after the reconciliation. Upstairs, Seo-young tries to get Sol to fall asleep, while Woo-jae watches the two, ooobviously smitten.

Yes, I believe WJ and SY would still be together even if Papa Lee dies — but that is not what we the viewers wanted to happen — for the lead star to become the villain at the end. Ho-jung explains that guy was 25 — a dong-saeng younger person, literally a younger sibling — which sends Sang-woo into an even greater panic. You come to a knitting workshop to learn how to knit. Seo-young is appeased, and Ho-jung bemoans to Sol that childless Auntie is so sad. Kind of like throwing a coin into a fountain. Thank you thank you very much. My friends are very appreciate.

In some ways I feel as if the drama ended last week when Seo-Young finally broke through the emotional wall that was keeping her from loving fully and accepting love freely. Papa Lee was doing repairs at a temple he was working with wood then as welland Mama Lee was there stacking stones into little towers.

In an age when so many families are broken and people find themselves lost in the tempest called life, these dramas give us a glimpse into a world where love and family ultimately prevail. At filn riverside, the kids well, grown-up kids all pay their respects to Mama Lee and Sang-woo sayamgku Ho-jung and Woo-jae. Seo-young, Woo-jae, Ho-jung, and Sang-woo silently stand and watch Papa Epixode, as if in salute and honor of his life.

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She is obviously elated, and one of the guys asks if she asked Sang-woo to ask Kyung-ho for a recommendation letter. Not gift material by any long shot. Woo-jae is infecting everyone!

Keep up the good work!!!! Ho-jung perks up at the thought that she and Sang-woo are perfectly matched, and Seo-young tells her to just enjoy life. Your wonderful re-caps took the edge off my impatience while I wait for the subtitles. You two were so very smart. Another Cultural Side Note: Papa Lee softly smiles and says they actually met here syaangku Jin-an.


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The way the last sentence is phrased, it means that he will marry her as a favor of sorts — he will do it since she wants it so much. You should have told us these things earlier.

So, here, Woo-jae made a boo-boo by calling Ho-jung by her name, even though they were family friends for a long time. At the hospital, Papa Lee slowly opens his eyes and finds a tearful Sang-woo and Ho-jung beside him. When she pulls down her box from on top of the dresser, though, she finds a gorgeous pair of brand new heels inside, along with a card. Fill those three years of independence without regret.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ho-jung excitedly tries on the episide, touched by the thoughtful gift. In keeping with the theme of brevity, I will content myself with one sentence: My friends are very appreciate. Woo-jae just staaaares, letting the car veer off and sending the lovely drivers of Korea into road rage plus, and Seo-young yelps for him to pay attention.

I said I love you. He is still acting as epiaode manager for Papa Choi, who has become the Biebs for ajuhmmas. Secretary Yoon, who watches Rpisode from afar, seems happy and content.

The kids are all curious as to what happened, and Papa Lee explains that after her parents passed away, Mama Lee went to Dae-gu in search of him. She finds the trash by the door and grumbles that she told him to throw it away on his way out.

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Yeon-hee is still with her, and Seo-young has gotten quite good at wheedling money out of Papa Kang for the Disadvantaged Youths Center. Woo-jae pulls over, and Ho-jung sadly remarks that Papa Lee really must have been killing time on his own because of them. Did anyone see the humor in the joint wedding? Though Eoisode have had my issues with writer So Hyeon-kyeong, I must give credit where it is due.


He gets out of bed, and she asks if he needs to use the restroom, and Papa Lee says he just needs to stretch a bit. Back to the sinoosis Hahahaa just admit it. Was her tower of stones still there?

Who can say no fulm that aegyo? Papa Lee lets out an adorably bashful smile, and Ho-jung excitedly exclaims that it must run in the family: Seems she is thriving in America — the program was supposed to be for 1 year, if I recall correctly — and Kyung-ho is going to see her soon when he visits Pennsylvania to give a lecture.

And WHY is she eating in the lab?!?! Later that day, the whole Lee family goes to Jin-an together. Ready to give Seo-young her last piece to a new life, Papa Lee wakes from his coma. I am such a fun of your blog!!! Seo-young buys the drinks and Woo-jae comes round, timing it perfectly. To her surprise, her precious slippers are peeking out of the trash bag, and she hastily pulls them out to return them to her box.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful, wonderful ypung. Ho-jung refuses to let go, though, because her neighbor is coming sinopssi way, and that hussy always fixes her makeup whenever she sees Sang-woo. The relationship between in-laws is quite important in Korea, which stems from the cultural aspects of family and marriage.

You were all magnificent. Woo-jae turns to Sol and tells her that Daddy will neeever take her to the mountains. There is nothing anyone could find fault with in you. Mi-kyung shares the good news with her family, who are all overjoyed. He grabs her in a hug, giddy with happiness, and Seo-young hugs him back, smiling with just as much joy.