Her pettiness was lined with sincerity making Mi-mo worthy of love. She pulls away, glances at him with love in her eyes, then kisses him heatedly as something glowing moves up her throat. Mi-jin was an interesting character overall, so obsessed with love and understanding it so little. He whoops and hollers happily before grabbing her and twirling her around. However, my favorite moment of the entire series is in this episode and it makes up for everything. I really love that.

He asks her to wait until the ball goes in, like it did in the second episode. She years Chef Seo and Eung-suk say hello. Especially her purposeful torture of Secretary Park! Her pettiness was lined with sincerity making Mi-mo worthy of love. Now as the big sister, I have very, very often had my little sister crawl in my bed for comfort or mad bouts of giggling , pretty much from the time she could walk until, hrm, last night? Her mother can only hug her tightly.

They meet at the basketball court and she says he can find her wherever she goes. He glances up and his jaw drops.

So underwhelmed by this character. Mi-sun assigns Mi-mo to take care of the business while Mi-sun moves them out to a new place.


I am recommending this! I am a big sister. He kisses her sweetly. Secretary Park is holding flowers when Chef Seo calls, calling him hyung-nim. Just make it a little ball of light. Rating is given by how much I enjoyed it and my objective rating. They could kotea themselves to human forms. They both begin to cry.

A long time ago, there was a mother fox and her two baby sinopsos. He reminds Eung-suk that she said she needs men to live, she dated all those men.

All three leave but Seo wants to stay longer to avoid Mi-jin.

Mi-sun was a bit of an underdeveloped character, but Jeon Mi-sun did a great job with what she had. She was seeking peace in love and she finally found it when she gave up her life for Eung-suk.

He searches for her and then ends up nosing through her box.

The Thousandth Man: Episode 8 (Final) Recap

She hears her family worrying for her and her promises to them to become human. When Mi-sun enters her office, she finds Mi-jin huddled in the sibopsis, brooding. She instead asks if he remembers what she said in his room, or that time they went to the zoo? Then he hugs her and tells her not to worry. She tells him she loves him and he tells her not to go as he hugs her.


At LastEung-suk is furious that Mi-sun is here and there are creepy men outside. Eung-suk struggles to sit up. Seo ran to the kotea station and the cop thinks his story is a result of alcohol or a game. Full House Take 2: Choosing a shot was nearly impossible.

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She also gets caught. The girl wants to see the lions and tigers too, but he tells her they have no pedigree.

Eung-suk remembers Chef Seo telling him that he clearly saw Mi-jin with tails. It was so beautifully done that even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Woo-hyun is in class right now. Does he really want to know the truth? I knew that something like this would happen from the start, but i think around episode 5 i began to hope that they both live or die together.