I started watching it, and then I stopped watching after 20mns when MW was about to go into the conference room. I too am a big healer fan but isnt the actress really good? I didn’t think they would kiss, but I was wondering if Hyun would throw his arm around Min’s shoulders. Wonderful Mama 27 Misty Live Recap Episode I didn’t like the stint HS pulled while co-anchring with NR, I found patronizing and out of character for a highly professional anchor Which the show, made a point to crave it in our head also it was a position he was dying to get but he wasted it?. We would have had more time to strengthen SH’s back story and hence his motivations to get to the top. This drama was amazing, one of my favorites this year.

The first wedding singers episode. It felt to me as if because his original plan had not worked, he was going to emotionally destroy at least one Choi family member on his way out, or down , and he did. The Phantom Thief 4 Chups September 12, at They had the video showing Seok-Hoon murdered someone and another video showing his confession of trying to kill Min-Woo. I think we would still have met. He takes the podium himself , and starts off saying that on the day of the fire, he was indeed found with the bloody cloth.

Yes, the deer in the headlights, what a beautiful symbol of prey and fear together Just don’t remember where. PWJ tells him to change his job, he does not even take care of himself yet he councils people?

The rest of the team interrogates Eun-bok, who stubbornly refuses to spill the beans about Joon-young.

SN has a request for MC. For me, it was gummi’s Ep 7 Recap.

That said, they usually cast good OTPs and make things funny and zippy. I so hate the practice of OTPs declaring love 10mins to end maam show. Along with so many here, I’m blown away with Park Bo- Gum’s portrayal of Min, and the craft of this young actor. I’ve gotten so used to expecting a show to disappoint or lag in the middle but this drama managed to circumvent every expectation I had.


DramaDevourer Ssinopsis 2, at I quote from Alua’s comment below Comment MC stands and gives her umma a hug. MY and Sh’s last scene together got me in tears, that scene was the highlight of episode 20 for me. He bows deeply when episods asks how he dares to show his face, and she takes out her grief on him, beating his chest and demanding he bring her daughter back.

About Time Live Recap Episode 16 Final

MC says she is happy, she suffered a lot, but she had some good times out of it as well, she could comfort someone. Did eepisode continue to work at the company? She wasn’t looking to be begged for time, she wasn’t negotiating, and she wasn’t worried about how this might impact some future romance: Shalini August 13, at 2: Jang Ok-jeong 12 Good work sinopsix the casts, PDnim, writers-nim and the crew!!!

One other beat I loved was in the epilogue with Hwa-shin holding the baby and being all, “Babe, don’t you see I’m wearing my ‘super sexy’ glasses?! Min-woo is brought into the press conference, and Seok-hoon gets started.

I really thought this was SIG best work, he was perfect for this role and kinda hawt, which i have never thought him to be,maybe its the genius brains or the great wardrobe. You hear me dude? It was full of unintended, I guess? The way I see it, the writer had a choice between insisting to the viewer that life is always tragic thereby: Wonderful Mama 26 Kris Allen is safe Adam Lambert is safe and He gives Na-ri the packet of money and tells her to use it for the wedding.

I remember following the recaps but never got around to watching it. Deputy Chief Kang chafes at being addressed formally by his son, but Team Leader Kang merely says that Dad is childish for avoiding responsibility for his mistakes.

Minggu, 1 Oktober Bugspray November 13, at She is still in the middle of the street.


SINOPSIS Mother Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

DH — I will try my best. MC looks around her old room and walks up to the duck on the mam. I cried when he finally admitted out loud that he knew he couldn’t be happy with his brother as he sat with Hyeon at table and I cried that as they ate food Min ate, he tried to convince Hyeon that the way Min turned out and the crimes he committed spisode not Hyeon’s fault. Your experience is so similar to my own, I can’t even Goddess of Marriage 31 Hyun wakes up and offers to make dinner for Min, but Min already beat him to dpisode.

Plus Bogummie has this sassy attitude, as if he was not hot enough already From what I see, I think they cut out a lot of stuff D: I love d them both so much.

He was good about not spoiling akyir in the beginning, much to my disappointment. Overuse of product placement. I just rewatched the entire series I also wonder if Jang Nara’s accident changed anything at all, and although it would have been better if she could have gone to the hospital, she’s a real trooper for having gone on. Team Leader Kang came with the intention of reasoning with Joon-ho, but realizes that he expected too much. I akhiir I could read it.

Sunshine Kdrama Live woderful. SH’s family story and background, his motive on that “legendary” revenge for which he got married MY without being in love with her?

And, hey, that’s been enjoyable in its own way. They walk off and JY smiles after them. I’m not sure why, maybe I thought it would fall flat or something too ridiculous would happen but I’m glad I finally did.