His faction had discovered his promise to relinquish all power upon her death. They wanted firstly to bring BiDam back on their side, and second to force her majesty to step down. I must have over-exerted myself. DeokMan gives him her ring and caresses his hand. He reports BiDam is meeting with the Tang envoys. But if they have a specific request, to pay attention. I discern all these things.

The people who follow him right now are the people who used to follow MiShil. YuShin wonders whether it is a bribe for BiDam. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. Not only this assassination attempt, but their secret understanding with the Tang envoys to humiliate the queen, their forging a false prophecy. Yeom Jong said before the inquiry can finds substantial evidence against them, they must 1st react by retaliation by making the 1st strike Lord Jujin asked that Yeom Jong is suggesting that they strike 1st in which this is referring to staging a revolt against the crown. Bi Dam asked why the purpose of doing this now. Others warn him to guard his lips.

In the end, it comes down to a matter of succession.

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For my sake, he carried out the dirty work, and in the present crisis he volunteered to carry out unpleasant duties. BiDam is the only korwa for overthrowing the government.

If she announces that it was an assassination attempt, it is because she is determined on a course of action. Gyebaek says he too cannot allow YuShin to return alive.


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Also, if you are going to overthrow the government, you need to have a kora justification. MiSaeng agrees, in the next plan they must all stake their lives.

BiDam’s mother has murdered my grandfather, my father, and my mother. Lord Sueulbu laughs at the suggestion of staging a insurgency against the crown.

DeokMan offers him a ring DeokMan: Then how is it that you do not have even the slightest compassion for him?

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

He wonders lorea YuShin is doing here. HaJong is so outraged he attacks YeomJong, who is grinning. BiDam BiDam says they are trying to force him into a corner so that he would rebel. If you remain in Serabol, you are going to get tangled up in this.

He has found something better.

They are in dread grfat my death. YeomJong asks BoJong to prepare the troops. When the nobles express outrage, YeomJong says if ChunChu had been killed, all their problems would have been solved. However, you have failed. YeomJong says make sure YuChuk is dead. She orders AlCheon to hold the entire envoy team until the words are verified. As promised in this letter, if your majesty passes away while I still live, then this BiDam will relinquish all my government offices and political power and turn my back on worldly affairs.

He asks the minister of rites MiSaeng to meet the envoys and broach the subject of reinforcements. BiDam says ChunChu has grown much.

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What shall we do about your faction? YuShin tells Gyebaek he cannot return to BaekJe alive. Ha Jong said that Bi Dam must take the responsibility for them until the very end therefore they have every right to asked that from Bi Dam. However, ChunChu does not let even the smallest matter pass. He promises to groom the trusted person’s offspring as government officials.


He stabbed her in the back while promising in her face to relinquish power.

MiSaeng says they only did this to make sure BiDam’s interests are aligned with those of his faction. They cannot leave this matter alone. Kim Chun Chu is silence that indicate affirmative as Queen Seon Deok has guess the answer as correct. Mi Saeng sternly advice that without Bi Dam, none of their plans will succeed, as they will not have any siopsis cause of reason to stage revolt in principle whatsoever.

Queeh must see her majesty AlCheon: YeomJong says there is no turning back now. DeokMan on pavillion YuShin visits.

There is no movement from the palace. Kim Chun Chu said that in the past Bi Dam was frightening as a person. Bi Dam is obviously feel rather insecure. Episode – 7 Julai – Layar Drama Indonesia: