Ah, I’m totally going to chew my arm off! Thanks for the review. Can’t wait for the next PSH drama – he is real swoon material. Just thinking about QoR today and lamenting that there’s no more new eps to look forward to. But she turns him down when he asks her out and this leads him to marry Tae-hee, whom he is aware is an enemy of Yeo-jin. I now look forward in finishing the drama even if I already read some spoilers:

But thankfully, you did it!! I was never bored no matter who was on screen and I find in work place dramas I am often tempted to fast forward through a lot of the business stuff. Of course, the circumstances were somewhat different in that drama, since there were nice-guy and first-lead characteristics to some degree in both male leads, but still Can’t wait for the next PSH drama – he is real swoon material. Mok Young-chul is one of the highlights of the drama as a side character who finds out that he has terminal cancer, and faces his mortality in a charming, winning, understated and beautiful way. Joon-soo turns out to be a special friend who is utterly devoted to her.

I think it’s the fact that PSH is so charismatic, charming, and just such a great actor that everyone is drawn to him. I started late in the game, but I loved it when I watched it.

Mellyblog: Sinopsis My Fair Lady Episode 16 Final

Cast – Queen of Reversals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pages Home About Contact Privacy. I love this drama it was better than I’d expected and yes the reversal of the male lead in the second half made this one of my favorite dramas. Can’t wait for the next PSH drama – he is real swoon material.


And at times she did look at little plastic Youre going qeen enjoy it for sure! The reversal is that the second lead…becomes the recersals. This drama elevated me onto even higher level of K drama ov — I had to watch 2 last episodes raw I’m a little dissappointed but I’ll finish watching it. I felt like they were going to have a similar structure in that sense with a Tae-hee and Jun-su pairing in the end.

It mirrors the cute lifelong frenemy relationship between the two mothers-in-law. Clik gambar diatas untuk memperbesar.

I’m SO glad it’s not second-lead syndrome! Kim Chang Wan Supporting Cast. Screenplays by Park Ji-eun. Love love love it for all the reasons you’ve stated!!!

Choi Yoon Young Supporting Cast. Episodes by LollyPip. The toothbrush thing made me laugh Kim Yong Hee Supporting Cast.

Ha Yoo Mi Main Cast. She loses no time in pursuing him and they soon get married, but when the honeymoon is over, Tae-hee finds that her rival at work and husband’s ex, Baek Yeo-jin Chae Jung-anhas taken over her job. But I’m still on episode 28, but I’m thankful I get my ending the way Isnopsis want it.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast. Didn’t watch the end. I think he’s cute and very hilarious, sort of in the same realm as Hyun Bin’s secretary in Secret Garden. So PSH gets the girl?

I actually really enjoyed their chemistry and their love story from what I’ve seen thus far. I just have to say a big “thank you” for taking the time to write this. She is married to Bong Joon Soo who works at the same company.

Episode 16

Episode 6 by Helcat. Queen of Reversals Hangul: While they aren’t remotely alike, this reminded me of the drama That Woman with Shim Hye Jin – have either you or Javabeans seen it? Half way through their romance, I started to wonder if he would end up with the girl, but then I reminded myself Go korwa lead power! Ga Sjnopsis Hee Supporting Cast. Your email address will not be published.


I watched it straightly because of PSH but I found that overall the cast were great. I felt the story would’ve been more real if she’d ended up with her husband. This drama actually does a great job of turning mundane objects and little interactions into running gags, that eventually become emotionally fraught with meaning.

I think one of my favorite PSH moments was early on when he kept riding up and down the elevator at his apartment hoping for the perfect timing to be in the elevator when she if on it.

Meanwhile, Tae-hee’s arrogant, immature chaebol boss Goo Yong-shik Park Si-hoopreviously apathetic, grows more serious about his work with her guidance – and ends up falling hopelessly in love with her.

One day she finds out that her very episodee husband is seeing Baek Yeo-jin behind her back. But it was fun to watch a person grow in a different way then what we’ve seen in most dramas. Guess I just have to queeh the show again.