Despite the controversies regarding the storyline of the drama [10] and the ” plagiarism ” issues, [11] it is one of the most popular and highly watched dramas in South Korea. Ceritanya adalah mengungkap sisi antara cinta, pekerjaan , dan keluarga. Is the producer still messing with us that they won’t last till the end? Good to see that he is starting to move on and treat himself better and mend the broken friendship with Jung-Sun. It doesn’t make much sense given what Jung-woo’s actions have wrought. The series is a remake of South Korean drama series of the same title. The cast and characters were announced on September 11, during the series’ story conference, with the main cast being, Marian Rivera , Dennis Trillo , Alessandra De Rossi and Rafael Rosell. That would be beyond silly.

Four more episodes and we’ll get our ending! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. She’s a really good friend who is one of the few people in his life who isn’t constantly demanding things from him. You Are My Destiny Episode 7. And for someone who wasn’t happy with the two of them apart, surprisingly, I wasn’t too moved by the reconciliation this time around. She tells Jung-sun that her life was good until she was thirty-five, and asks if he remembers her then. Jung-woo smiles, and the two friends both laugh. Hearing Joon-ha say that his boss should have stepped up to the plate the way Jung-sun had when he first met her came as yet another message from the Universe that love is a far cry from a business transaction.

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He finds his phone ringing with the call from Hyun-soo, who asks him to meet her at the batting cage to talk. He saw her for what she is, and played the game accordingly.

You Are My Destiny (Complete)

He settles her on the couch and she explains that she just took too much medicine trying to sleep. Seo Suk Hyang Mr. Yu Kyung kaget melihat Hyun Wook yang merupakan kepala koki yang twmptation. I would be completely pissed if Hong-ah get’s a chance with Won-joon. There’s one aspect of the Won-joon — Soo-Jung resolution that really bothers me.


But I guess, there comes a time in your life when you’ll really be crazy in love that all other things epidode matter at all. In my book, Won-joon really does deserve to be loved, and at last has articulated his wish.

He goes to Te,ptation Soup, and when he sees Jung-sun, he just turns and walks away. You Are My Destiny Episode You Are My Destiny Episode 2. I guess the audience is supposed to feel sorry for her now, but she comes across to me as still just as shallow and manipulative as ever. Maybe she’s right that Won-joon was trying too hard.

I am the most glad about the fact that Jung-woo’s done some serious analysis of his episose and actions. Temperature of Love Favorite.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Lee Yo Won akhirnya diwisuda

Its not something that he ever wanted or went after crusl he has for everything else sinopsos his career. One of the more “unrelatable” aspects of this drama despite just reading the recaps. Chantal Armada — played by Michelle Madrigal.

Park because she rejected him. Okay, this is better. In both cases, Jung-Sun had asked Hyun-Soo if he should go. She accuses Hyun-soo of having no ethics and threatens to stop being friends with her, whining that Hyun-soo is getting special treatment from Jung-woo.

I remembered the first scene between them in the drama was terrible and toxic, she was highly emotionally unstable and throwing tantrum without being reasonable at all. There, Hong-ah reveals to Hyun-soo that Jung-sun has died in a car accident. Having said that, I am happy that they’re back together. And that even in his dreams he doesn’t get the girl.


How swell is it that Hyun-soo finally sees fit to tell Jung-woo that he really was her type after all — and that he could have swept her off her feet if Jung-sun hadn’t returned? I’m really sad Won-joon and Soo-jung pairing didn’t work out, but oh well, what can you do?

He was just a guy that she had a crush on and that crush turned into a habit that she never got around to breaking. Instead, it was the scene between JS and his mom which made me tear up. Episodes by odilettante.

Hyun-soo volunteers to do the dishes in return for the meal. Kwan Seok Jang Screenwriter: I’m glad that Jung-woo has ceased going to bat for his employees. Thanks for the recap lollypip. Bagaimanakah kisah Yu Kyung dan Hyun Wook akan berlanjut…???.

And they must sleep together right, then I read sudden realitation from Jungwoo face. Create a playlist at MixPod. But somehow, she just never had the chance and became heartbroken each time. He huffs indignantly when the ladies make fun of him, and Kyung tells him that nobody cares for him as much as they do. He doesn’t have to play Fairy Godfather any longer. Sinopsis Pasta Episode 7.

Archived from the original on October 8, I never disliked Jung-woo, only the way he was behaving. Her current series, Temptation of Wifehas zoomed to the top of the ratings”. Jung-woo had been impressed by her willingness to apologize and adapt. Now he’s back to handling business as business and his personal affairs, well, a bit more maturely.

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