If you want to get detailed information on where you made any mistakes, you. December 17, at 9: I love Idy and Ben in this show, they really match in the series. Ending with hurt herself and I believe she did not know that she loved him too. She might mean well and just did not know bringing the fox home to tear the family apart I did not blame charge. I also loved the part where the 4 wives together how they actually respect and love each other as real sisters.

You can help DramaWiki by expanding it. Aw… why blaming Charles too? She explained they must resolve the technical problems to prevent online hackers from coming in again. Yeah, eating in the room by herself sadly but still better than sitting on the same table with A and 4. Every move you make???? Rants and thoughts December 12, at

Ouch So Yee Lin was 35 and 3rd was 30 the most of them. I feel so depressing toward this series. Emmy, you could download the English pnline from the link above.

December 12, at I’ve tried on chilam- megamovie-online-blogspot. Never heard of any intention to make a third installment. Auntie Wan will wait for you until dinner is served. But who is TY? Quit watching TV and work towards your life and fitness goals Aug 27, With VIP account, azdrxma can download the good quality version in less then 10 mins. She watched Episode 36 together with them, and the fans noted how Idy lowered her head with tears in eyes when watching the scenes of 4 wives talking.


No more sexy time for him hehehe….

Auntie Wan will wait for you until dinner is served. February 10, at 2: Find great deals on eBay for silver spoon dvd and the wire season 2. I saw 1 pic of IDY smiling, she must have something good.

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Site account may be required for these download links. I believe tudou still works for me, but the streaming is extremely slow.

April April 8, at Chong even gave a name for SSSS sequel. The more people download [of the same file], the faster the download. According to Idy, she credited Damian for writing part of the scripts, and she cried when reading the scripts, so there was no outtakes. So it would make her of 35 the most right now.

Beautiful-in reality is quite simple! It wtach that Arthur really cared about the 2nd wife.

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I doubted little bit about the 2nd met with Kwan at the beach side. Downstairs the whole house heard and shocked, esp. Therefore whether old or new, must put in your best effort every time. Was it weird if both of them were around or younger than the age of Charles the eldest son Later the 4th was marred at age 20 and 5th would be 18???? I’m not sure if anyone has watched My Better Half yet, but like episode 16, towards the end, there’s an english song.

Now you know the whole truth, do you still love me?


There are 2 new scenes and one of them is Arthur attempted to kiss Yee Yin. Just call me now.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles – Episode 4 (English subtitles)

December 6, at Cantonese with English Soft Azzdrama — Complete: Then he must jump over the cliff instead of chase after 4th again. You can help DramaWiki by expanding it. Download episodes from TvBoxNow. This story was nothing, but nonsense, the plot was not strong. Download process is more straight forward than torrent download.

Love to see Idy again. Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 38 recap. Arthur kept quiet as an admission. Jack and Jackass are perfect name fitting Damian character. Every Move You Make,????

So Yee Lin was 35 and 3rd was 30 the most of them. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles – year. The ending don’t make you sad it make you curse expletives for wasting 2 hours watching the series or.

December 10, at 0: Nice that you have time to watch these stuff again. December 3, at 8: Only Epi 1, 4, 6 and 30 can watch. Quite disappointed that Christine is in this, as she runs every drama she has been in.

Ben acts excellent in his role,very mature and really like a man lhhah.