If they needed Christianity it was because it was hard to live through the day to day without a connection to someone I’m hoping their image of Christ wasn’t as reflecting back as that stupid priest! The questions that Rodrigues asks are the questions we all wanted to ask. I’m not rushing anything. Want to learn more about Seattle Pacific? Silence is one of the few words that I know in kanji I’m progressing perhaps slowly in kano. He soon learns that no man is an island.

Jun 19, Laura Leaney rated it it was amazing. Matthew rated it liked it Apr 12, Baptisms are performed at a frantic pace, and sins are confessed with true relief. Diary of an officer at the Christian residence. Sometimes it just seems appropriate to leave off one book and seek out another, as if you are being led to it. The sufferings priest was undergoing he compared with that of Jesus. I personally believe that you are going to spend your life with yourself and knowing yourself is more important than a few Japanese guards getting you to say what you didn’t want to say. Will they be embraced or will they be handed over to the authorities?

Ever since his baptism at the age of 11 at the behest of his mother, Endo often spoke of a faith eilence awkward as a forced marriage, as uncomfortable as a Western suit of clothes. This was a report by priest Ferreira.

Attendees were able to discuss the film with Scorsese afterwards. Ulli rated it sum,ary liked it Apr 08, Christians were terribly persecuted back then; it was called the time of “Kakure Kirishitan”, or Hidden Christians. I’m dyslexic when it comes to religion, maybe.


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Needless to say, Silence is itself a story of strong intertextuality, cultural and otherwise. What’s interesting about the story is that, however controversial its climax is, when Rodrigues tramples on the fumie, it incorporates and welcomes various responses to persecution and suffering.

It is not until the very final chapter that Rodrigues comes to terms with God and all the events that have happened to him ploh Japan.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This article first appeared in the Pkot issue of Response. It works you over days after reading. I’m sure Endo created this limitation on purpose, maybe to focus on the priestly condition and to emphasize the isolation of the foreigner from the other people around him, but without the other perspectives the book is really limited and reads more like a list of Japanese torture methods than an investigation into the human or priestly condition.

It is a fictionalized account based on eno historical characters.

Silence by Shusaku Endo | Summary & Study Guide

This was missing from Silence. From zilence until the end of the book page I counted fifty-one more times; I may have missed a few.

It wasn’t about him. I cannot judge him. How can one prepare for the myriad of ways that one can be expired?

Silence is a modern classic by Shusaku Endo. My Star Wars buddhism and humanism, whatever shusakku is. And I chose to read the book as literature and focused not on theological aspects, but on morality and conditions, our characters went through. I’ll try to keep the faith that I don’t have ’cause I don’t know what it is that there’s going to be something in there to spark the life and days for the next day.


Guillaume rated it liked it Jun 14, Any kind of thread between me and everyone else, of past, present and future on good days when I don’t heartily wish there was no me.

Silence Summary & Study Guide

Cross-Cultural Influences in Literary Structure”. What a devastatingly brilliant novel about faith, fanaticism, love, suffering, and ultimately, the silence of God.

Sometimes I do nothing but read until I feel better. What happens to these men in Japan is beautiful and terrible. View all 4 comments. I had a feeling it was central to the story. If a tailor were to disassemble a Western suit in order to fashion a Japanese kimono, would it still be a suit? Dyah Pitaloka rated it really liked it Dec 17, Rodrigues cannot believe the stories about a man he so revered, but as his journey takes him deeper into Japan and then into the hands of those who would crush his faith, he silnce himself forced to make an impossible choice: Next thing I’ll probably write some shit like “Forgiveness is better than faith” and I’ll feel hopelessly tongue tied trying to write what I feel and connect it to thoughts that are half words, parts pictures, songs from childhood.

Antonija rated it really liked it Jul 13,