Kenichi refuses to pity him and they fight once more. A couple of orphans form a gang called Storm Riders and try to become top dogs in the competitive world of professional and street sport that involves Air Treks, futuristic motorized rollerblades that can achieve super speed. He fights both Kenichi and Miu. Just as Odin sacrificed an eye to gain the ability to see everything, by taking off his glasses he becomes near-sighted and able to use an incredibly difficult Inner Eye technique allowing him to perfectly predict exactly where Kenichi will strike next. Kenichi’s Fist of Anger! After his defeat against Tsuji, the masters decided to have Kenichi live with them, allowing for daily training. Gauche appears with a gun, distracting Sakaki who is thrown out a window to fall to his death, devastating Kenichi and Miu. Add Image S2, Ep9.

Renka decides to stay at Ryozanpaku Dojo, which terrifies the masters. Before Thor can be killed the Elder drops Kenichi right in front of Odin. The Shinpaku Alliance is weakened, surrounded, and outnumbered by the Ragnarok gang. Kenichi’s classmate Izumi has a crush on him but feels she cannot compete with Miu. During his training with Miu it They go to a meeting where Sougetsu attacks a mob boss and viciously beats Renka when she tries to stop him, uncaring that she is his niece. Later, in school, Daimonji plans revenge on Kenichi and destroys all of the plants in the gardening club. At school Tanimoto returns to class and clears up the rumours about Kenichi beating up the delinquents, though he insists he will only stay at school until he defeats Kenichi.

Kenichi allows himself to be struck several times to get in close and use the powerful punch he used to defeat Siegfried, though Odin still manages to block it. Kensei Ma 29 episodes, Christopher Sabat Miu and Renka almost end up fighting. When he then threatens to shoot Miu Apachai realises the captain is evil and works with the Elder to save the children.

Tanimoto has a flashback of his sister, and though Honoka’s cooking is nearly inedible he eats it but becomes angry when Honoka finds a picture of his sister. While Kenichi trains with the Elder, the Ragnarok leaders make a move back home. Akisame explains to Miu there are two types of martial artists, those who remain calm shiahama rely on training, and those who lose control and fight with pure rage.


Elder’s Special Training Do Or Die Mountain Seclusion Aug 04 – Kenichi trains with e;isodes Elder himself in order to surpass Ryuto’s technique by training in the center of Japan called Yamagata which Kenichi has to survive in for 7 days and menichi nights but, can he A Determined Niijima Joins the Fray! Kenichi duels with Boris who fights using a Russian martial art Command Samboand immediately strangles Kenichi, but Kenichi uses a karate organ manipulation technique to keep breathing and escapes being pinned.

The Mightiest Disciple Kenichi (TV Series –) – IMDb

Takeda reveals why he left pro boxing and why he despises people like Kenichi. A flashback reveals Tanimoto and his sick sister Kaede were adopted by a heartless businessman who promised to pay for his sisters treatments if Tanimoto learned how to one day run the company. Daimonji 1 episode, It is later revealed that the masters purposely invited Ragnarok members to the movies to fight Kenichi so they could see how much he had improved.

But then his father fell in love with and married the doctor who was treating his sister and for a time they were happy. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Niijima arranges a gathering to welcome Kisara and her followers into Shinpaku Alliance. On the island the masters try to force Kenichi to overcome his fear by jumping from a high cliff into the ocean with the promise that if he does so he can relax for the rest of the vacation.

Sage Fist is about to interrupt but is surrounded by the masters who insist that masters never interfere with battles between disciples.

Retrieved May 29, Ragnarok’s Takeda the Puncher is personally searching for Kenichi. After Kisara hears of Takeda’s defeat, Shinnosuke Tsuji is sent to kill Kenichi; however he invites Kenichi to join his gang instead.

Magician of the Silver Sky Detective Conan: Fifteen of the Best Martial Arts Anime Martial arts are an expression of power, showcasing the potential of the human body when pushed to its physical limit. Most importantly is the fact that no choreography or shiranama martial arts what is this series about anyway? Kenichi Shirahama 29 episodes, Tomoko Kawakami Add Image S2, Ep7. Concerned about Kenichi, Miu secretly teaches him a stepping technique to maneuver around a larger opponent.


Even though Kenichi is stronger, his opponent has more fighting experience. Akisame Koetsuji 29 episodes, Kenichi becomes outraged when his special Snow King orchid is crushed by Daimonji and due to his intense training defeats him with only a single punch.

The Mightiest Disciple Kenichi

Spare Bike Orange: Kenichi’s training is increased in preparation for learning the Double Palm Strike. Takeda and Ukita thank Kenichi for his help. Kenichi ends up protecting Tanimoto from delinquents and learns only some of the numerous lies Niijima has been spreading. Kenichi wants to know how strong he really epksodes.

Kensei and Sakaki are proud Kenichi appears to be growing up. The masters wonder if, with training, she might be a better martial artist than Kenichi.

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Kisara’s soft spot for kittens may be her undoing as she teams with enemies to help a feline in need. With Berserker in the pit Niijima tries to trap him there by pouring glue on him. The Elder and Miu returned the children and gave them the captains treasure, refusing to take any himself, instead taking only the money he had agreed to be paid as it contained the villagers gratitude and was therefore much more valuable.

Souchirou Nagi and Bob Makihara are two delinquents who arrive at Toudou Academy with the objective of ruling over the school with their strength. Scary Man B 1 episode, Full Cast and Crew.

The masters consider his returning kenixhi to be a huge success. It is revealed Tanimoto was only at the flower garden because Honoka beat him at Othello so he would take her on a picnic. Izumi decides to train at the Dojo alongside Kenichi but cannot perform even a single push-up. Ikki Takeda 1 episode, Red Saint Seiya: