The play will be performed in Japan in April Anonymous Sun Jun 15 Nemuri no mori TV Movie Leave empty for any. I wish I could write some long-ass response right now and how I feel about the whole thing, but I’m too tired, sorry. The length seemed necessary to introduce and develop the character and it was done beatifully.

Yukari Kawahara Masami Nagasawa works at a drink manufacturer. This shit just keep getting better every time. Is it worth watching? It’s like your average Urobutcher’s anime but for kids. That character didn’t exist in the original novels but was created just for the drama. I’m yet to see a drama with an actual storyline.

Her old boyfriend of almost a decade ago is long gone, and was also not nice, but like most girls she Anonymous Wed May 14 Its not always that you sympathize with every single chatracter. You learn something by every passing minute and every theory atht you have in your mind is flushed down mocie drain. Michiko came to Tokyo to visit Hiromi, but is instead found murdered. New posts first Old posts first.

When Sara next rechecks the website, she sees a reply. Tokiko Kanamori Tsutomu Yamazaki In my next-to -see is pic related.

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It also kinda drags on because it got a 4 episode extension halfway through. As I said earlier the story is very complex and had me confused in the beginning specially shinzanmkno so many Japanese names and characters that were hard to remember. It’s a big reason I dread watching a new series on TV, I don’t want some 8 season deal.


That character didn’t exist in the original novels but was inex just for the drama. Kinda weird I can’t find the ED anywhere?

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Alice’s end was nice, nothing unexpected. I recently watched 33pun Tantei and enjoyed it a lot. Display posts from previous: The play will be performed in Japan in April A malevolent fishing boat operator Kazuki Kitamuraa sexy caregiver It was a very cool way to do a detective show, even if it was done with a lot of levity and silliness I still loved it.

She works hard and achieves recognition for her work. The new girl just does not feel the same. Sun Oct 30, 1: Anyone incex watching First Class besides Shinzanmnoo

Abe has been married since Shinzanmlno to a former office employee. Not so normal movies. Yuhei Matsumiya Rena Tanaka The hard minute limit for most japanese television makes screenwriters get serious about pace and cut the fat from their scripts.

There were scene changes follwed by explicitally written narative and I found it weird. What a Wonderful Family! I’m still waiting on the The Long Goodbye finale subs.


I honestly didn’t like Mozu. The Takayanagi Ballet Company insists that the incident is a self defense I didn’t bother with the sequel because the first one did ended everything pretty conclusively I felt.

The movie is around 2 hours long but is paced brilliantly. Nice Guy was okay, also how’s the Japanese version of Mawang?

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And the director does a fantastic job in weaving a web that connects all the dots together. Anonymous Sun May shinzanjono Add the first question. Are there any children’s japanese shows starring loli? Anonymous Thu Jun 19 Anonymous Thu Jun 5 I actually just watched my first two jdrama.

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When she falls in love, it is time for the young man to die. Dunno if shhinzanmono is still a JDorama fan, but if she is, she might be able to see Abe live! Anonymous Tue May 13 A group of people is put in a random setting preferably high-school related and focus being set on someone’s emotional issues.