Ultimately I also think Reiner will successfully escape with Eren, if only for the plot to move forward and some characters to receive further development. If he’s doing an investigation, that means that he’s going to report back to someone. By this point it’s all but confirmed that normal Titans are transformed humans so it can’t be that they were all originally monkeys subjected to some kind of mutagen and this dude was an exceptional case. I think it serves a couple of purposes. On top of her being their unceasingly dependable ace he also had a crush on Mikasa, making the matter more personal. When have titans ever been scared of anything?

Caught up with the new chapter. Unfortunate, because this is a manga literally filled to the brim with squandered potential. But, the author recently talked about possibly altering the ending to maybe not be as completely and totally bleak as he originally wanted, so we’ll see. Anywho, this is what I used to watch the anime. Everybody dying would leave a bitter taste in my mouth and now that it has changed I might actually continue the anime. So, I have started my reread of Attack, and the one thing it has going right now is the mystery behind the Titans and its psychological aspects. For Armin, there is not as much potential as with Eren but she is his next best friend, one of only two people left from his childhood and she always protected him with her strength.

The hopelessness is too much in the anime for me.

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Pretty good chapter overall. You finished at a good time. What we see could be him saying goodbye to Mikasa before the current world episodr.

What is up with that Ape Titan? Caught up with the new chapter. When have titans ever been scared of anything?


Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Episode 16

She seems more interested in Eren and Armin though. He’s going to have to really get on target now though.

Levi being a smooth dealer kinda stole the chapter though This series has become my current obsession. Such a dark, depressing story. I think the author doesn’t want us to ignore these themes in favor of the “happy” ending where humanity simply prevails.

So does the anime do the show in seasons or something?


With such quality like it has, it’d really be a terrible waste to have to do this twice. The titan’s design is certainly interesting at least. I think the result of the struggle in the end will be akin to the salvaging of the last scraps of hope. Rather I’d say Shifters that retain control from the start get special treatment to be able to do so. Her calling more titans would have happened no matter what but could have been predicted since she clearly brought the ones who took out the west flank.

Levi was supposedly going to explain the episod good reason why Erwin is entrusted as the SL Commander but I think we can skip that part. I just don’t want this series to get too crazy with explanations. Yeah, that was brutal.

Just something I’ve seen people theorize in relation to that scene.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) [Archive] – Page 2 – The Millennium Forums

Combine this with the above two points and you get “humans were transformed into Titans”. Desperate times call for desperate measures though. What is in Eren’s basement?

Also, Jean is my second favorite character in the series after Annie, the amount of character development he got so far is impressive. Anyone get a sense of foreboding when the female titian that ate Eren’s mother showed kyoojin I’ve seen people discussing time travel in shungeki to the first chapters’ title and Eren’s dream but I think it may have to do with the potential immortality of Titan shifters.


MAybe that was a episodr. It was implied that they at least recognize what he may be, and that he is very significant to the motives behind their mission. Best Japanese subtitle provider. You used to use Mikasa for your avatars and sigs a lot a while back.

You guys think this means anything?

He gives me the worst kind of vibes. When their faction is revealed it’s likely going to change a lot in ways hard to predict. Also, online HD streaming here http: I was just about to ask if he was going to show up in the anime.

Just more questions right now. From where I stand there are few if any things that Isayama could do to elicit such a powerful emotional response and develop and explore his characters at the same time as letting one of his main trio — the one with the muddiest perceivable future and least apparent potential for growth and development — tragically lose her life. Great talent but stupid is always a nice combination!

I wonder if the King has some aces in his sleeve or will he go down like a pussy.

Soundtrack was good though, as per usual. Although this chapter does confirm that titans are former humans.