As the episode resumes, Yamamoto and Noguchi, two of the outfielders that were previously 1st years, ground out and fly out leaving the score After the Cuba game, Gibson Jr. After easily disposing of Fuji, Goro must find a way to try and get the other guys to have an interest in baseball. Sleeping with Hinako Isshoni Training However Goro doesn’t give up. On the batting side Seishuu uses Hattori’s speed to score 1 run and cut the lead down to This page was last edited on 4 February , at

Goro tries to talk to Komori before the game, but Komori pushes him off as he reveals his only emotion right now is to get Mifune to Koshien. Wounded Ace Episode Seishuu uses baseball basics to get a lead, and they get a bit overconfident. Z — Pochitto Hatsumei: Shigeno comes expecting it to be Goro’s last high school game. Toshiro’s base hit advances Taiga to third, allowing Goro to get a sacrifice fly and cut the deficit to

Master of Illusions Inazuma Eleven: Gibson threw 18 strikes, not a single slugger of the AL’s top rotation could touch Gibson’s pitch despite knowing what was coming, and Gibson earned a standing horo from the audience. Taiga returns to shortstop with a dislocated thumb, and Miyazaki returns to 1st base. The game went into extra innings, and Gibson majr onto the mound again, determined to lead USA to victory. When the Bats were leading in the final inning, The Falcons had 2 outs but they had runners on 2nd and 3rd base with Gibson Jr batting.


Gibson catches the ball that the bat hit and dropped it,before getting up with all his willpower to throw a runner for an out.

Major – Season 3

Honda’s excellent play made him the headline of major newspapers. Meanwhile his Father is visited by his weason friend and teammate Shigeno. You can help by adding to it.

Mifune is able to get out to a lead thanks to shigenk errors by Taiga and Fuji. Head to Head Battle Episode Honda decides he will hit a home run off of Gibson at all costs. The episode begins as Goro goes to the Doctor. His foot is hurting so much that his fast ball literally becomes a ball. How Goro became a southpaw, his memories will tell. Plot section needs a more precise summary rather than the play-by-play summary it has and shigneo contain no other subsections.

Kajor was removed from the game in the first inning and sent back to AAA Bats until his situation improves. At first it’s only Goro and Fuji, but Toshiro and the 1st years get motivated and also join in.

MAJOR Anime: Goro Shigeno’s saga is still one of the best sports anime ever

On arrival, his mother voices her dissatisfaction with the fact that he did not consult with her about his departure. Flame of Recca Dan Doh!!

Showdown in the Rain Jan 22 – The adult sandlot team has been taking it easy on the kids. The two decide they want to become Little Leaguers, but Goro’s father forbids it due to the Toshiro reveals he was a Little League and Senior League catcher, and saeson begins calling plays.


Their attention to hard line drives from the beginning scares away most of Goro’s teammates. A Celebrity List of the same poll placed the anime series at the 70th spot. The next day Yamada Ichiro says the first step to make the team official is to build a field on the roof. Gotcha Force Disgaea D2: Though, he won’t be going alone as Shimizu his classmate will experience the summer vacation trip along with him. Retrieved from ” https: Abuse of the TV. The problem is if even one The batting order is also determined with Taiga 1st, Uchiyama 2nd, Toshiko 3rd, Goro 4th, Fuji 5th, Miyazaki 6th, and then sdason outfield trio.

Goro then steals 3rd, and Uchiyama hits him in, cutting the lead to He meets new friends there and even helps seasoon through their tough times. A home run gives Kaidoh an early lead, and a few fielding errors push it up to a lead.

Kings of My Love — Age 12 — Cover of the first manga volume. With all 8 members united practices resume, but will Seishu be able to find a ninth member in time for the upcoming summer tournament?