Let us enjoy five minutes of instructive conversation with her. The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Both of them are Russian and had belonged to a revolutionary and nihilist group that killed a police officer. She later tells Holmes that Smith went out for a walk not long before the murder. You will perceive, Watson, that the glasses are concave and of unusual strength. Smith worked as an assistant to Professor Coran, an invalid who was studying early Christianity. It is certain that no robbery has been committed.

All day and sometimes all night, sir. Abigail Crosby Christopher Guard I helped him out of it while Holmes knocked a blaze out of the logs in the grate. Whole weeks would pass and not one of them go past the garden gate. I could see no marks to guide me, but the carpet was of a dun colour, which lends itself very well to examination. Views Read Edit View history.

June Wyndham Davies was expecting to make two more two hour features. The body was found near the bureau, and just thee the left of it, as marked upon that chart. A woman came in the study to steal documents, but was caught by Smith who tried to grab her. I rose, and, standing behind Holmes, I studied it over his shoulder.

So would my diary, in which from day to day I had entered both my feelings towards him and the view which each of us had taken. His hair and beard were white, save that the latter was curiously stained with yellow around his mouth. There was really nothing wanting. Nothing was moved before I got there, and strict orders were given that no one should walk upon the paths leading to the house.

You compel me to tell you that this is too serious a matter to be treated in such a fashion. A lady whose vision has been so extremely contracted all her life is sure to have the physical characteristics of such vision, which are seen in the forehead, the eyelids, and the shoulders. At the same time, the gate of the garden is a hundred yards from the main Tbe to Chatham road.


Sherlock Holmes 38 – The Golden Pince-Nez

I had never known him handle a case in such a half-hearted fashion. There might well be a recess behind the books. It involves the murder of an old amanuensis who died with a small pair of reading glasses clutched in his hand. The Professor was buried in his work and existed for nothing else. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: You should visit Browse Happy and update your internet browser today!

There’s the cab off again! I can recommend them, for I have them especially prepared by Ionides of Alexandria. Unfortunately for her she tbe lost her glasses in the scuffle, and as she was extremely short-sighted she was really helpless without them.

We have heard of none. How long was she there?

The Golden Pince-Nez

It was a splendid chance of putting your theories into practice, Mr Sherlock Holmes. This gentleman speaks of footsteps in the grass; but, after all, it is easy to be mistaken on such a point.

Now, with an effort, he shrugged his shoulders and burst into insincere laughter. The old man lay back in his chair, with a twitching face, and stared at her with brooding eyes. I could not myself see the bearing of this incident, but I clearly perceived that Holmes was weaving it into the general scheme which he had formed in his brain. He had risen to his feet and his eyes glowed like embers.


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A lady whose vision has been so extremely contracted all her life is sure to have the physical characteristics of such vision, which are seen in the forehead, the eyelids, and the shoulders. It was in the forenoon, between eleven and twelve. Again the professor burst into high-keyed laughter. It is lined with coconut matting, and had taken no impression of any kind.

There was never any outline. I forgot to tell you that Mrs Marker, the housekeeper, had been in there tidying not very long before – about a quarter of an hour she says. She advanced along this corridor, leaving no traces upon the cocoanut matting.

Stanley Hopkins and I stared in amazement. But in some way you have read our plans. He wrote for ever dissuading pinnce-nez from such a course.

He was more attentive when Susan, who waited upon us at lunch, volunteered the information that she believed Mr Smith had been out for a walk yesterday morning, and that he had only returned half an hour before the tragedy occurred.

This narrow margin of grass between the path and the flower-bed. She’s Anna Coram, the professor’s wife. She did not see him, but she says that she could not be mistaken in his quick, firm tread. No one saw the murderer leave, nor did anyone hear a door opening.