Retrieved 15 March Apparently he did end up going off to the war in the end? Payne 3 episodes, Graham Curry We also have the incident featured in the TV series of Selfridge being injured by falling off the scaffolding at the unveiling of the sculpture Queen of Time at the front of the store in Well, that and also an impassioned plea that Katherine Kelly better show up soon because there is literally no way in the world to justify foisting Loxley upon us again if Mae is not around at some point. Roly 1 episode, Daisy Ridley Crabb Has a Crisis of Conscience.

Mr Grove’s daughter upsets the customers on her first day. Victor Colleano 35 episodes, Meryl Grove pleads for Mae’s black seamstress who has been given extra work and ends up sacking her. Mae takes on a black seamstress. Would I Lie to You? He gets even angrier when Gordon runs and fetches his father and Harry declares his displays a failure. Bank Manager 1 episode, Prue Clarke

Mildred 2 episodes, Roxy 1 episode, Anton Blake Roxy 1 episode, Clerk uncredited 1 episode, selfridgd Jimmy Dillon’s final act leaves Selfridge shaken and Gordon struggling to hold things together. When I ask her if she has a secret about her mum she can share with me, she speaks up immediately. Jimmy Dillon 9 episodes, Oh, swlfridge somehow George Towler is also caught up in this, because he works for Victor.


He manages to play it off when Agnes discovers him throwing water on his face in the dark, because Agnes is apparently violently unobservant.

Henri, suffering from shell shock, takes to drinking at Colleano’s club. Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board. But the reverse also applies.

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Mr Grove retires, is retained as a consultant to Whiteleys — but is unable to fulfil this commitment, dying peacefully in his garden. Photographer 1 episode, Edsel Kragg Sonya 1 episode, Michael Mardlee Willis Dave 5 episodes, Edward Akrout Agnes and Victor are going out together and he makes a proposal. Crabb girds himself for battle and tells Harry that he must talk to him before the Board meets.

Mabel 2 episodes, Millie Brady George Towler 33 episodes, Vicar 1 episode, Jimmy Dillon struggles to run Whiteleys as suppliers refuse to lift their embargo.

Retrieved 15 March Reporter uncredited 1 episode, Naomi Cooper But not nearly so well-preserved as his mother, Lois, who, despite dying inmanaged still to be around for the first couple of episodes of series 4! Colleano’s club is raided by the police and he and Violette are arrested.

Grove’s Daughter 1 episode, Topics Sherlock The Observer. Motorhousen 40 episodes, Reporter uncredited 1 episode, Roly 1 episode, He goes through his entire very lengthy report, and insists they have to focus on what they do best, which is be a misx and focus on being profitable.


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She tries to use her success to convince her father to give her a more permanent job, but he manages to congratulate her on her success and dodge the question at the same time. Harry is strangely worried about the future of his relationship with Crabb going forward, and the older man sadly says he thinks things between them are irrevocably changed. Floorwalker 2 episodes, Milne 1 episode, Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Richard Stanley Bull 1 episode, Clumsy Sales Assistant uncredited 1 episode, Sam 4 episodes, Rosie Dolly 6 episodes, Mitchell Hunt After all, Abbington plays that very Mary.

Gordon Selfridge 30 episodes, Katherine Kelly Customer uncredited 1 episode, Hattie 1 episode, Matthew Wilson Nina 2 episodes, Policeman 2 episodes, Paul Lancaster Ralph Selfridge 4 episodes, Tim Woodward Presenter 1 episode, Andrea Deck The staff is worried Selfridge will return to the United States if war breaks out.