The Panthers give Andi a portrait of them with Diego, and after everyone else says their heartfelt goodbyes, Andi goes through the portal and teleports to a ruined area. Tatiana Rodriguez commented that:. This is one-hour season finale. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Jax wants to make sure Emma is safe, but his dad doesn’t care and insists that he must push Emma into the portal when it’s time. When Gigi plugs up her equipment for her live stream, she causes a power outage, and everyone sees Sophie with a zombie makeup and run; they then realizes the creature was Sophie when the boys use their trap to capture her.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. After she and Jax escape boot camp, Agamemnon catches them and tries to take Emma’s powers, but fails and alters the others. This page was last edited on 10 January , at When Daniel shows up at Emma’s house, Jax and Andi reverse the spell just in time for Emma to not make a fool out of herself again. Retrieved July 9, Retrieved July 31, Retrieved April 3,

At the end of the episode, Mia is shocked when Diego tells her he is a kanay as well.

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Jax transforms himself seris a spider to spy on Emma and Daniel’s conversation, learning that Emma has not told Daniel she has her powers back. Sophie is now making Diego and Jax do a Shark exercise. Archived from the original on July 18, The Principal pressures Andi to tell her the entrance to the Witches’ Council, and Lily is turned into a frog in the end by the Principal. As a punishment for blackmailing her, she has to spend the rest of the day with him.

This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

Please help improve it or discuss capittulo issues on the talk page. The air boats arrive and Daniel and Christina tell the group that they should wait out the storm there. Grachi enrolls in the School of Witches, cappitulo she meets a new love-interest and main antagonist, Axel, a mischievous wizard. Turns out she actually does. Retrieved July 16, Emma and Jax accidentally wipe out Daniel’s entire memory after Daniel sees Emma casting a spell, telling him the truth about her powers.

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However, she changes her mind, and instead triggers the Continuum Break on Daniel again, allowing Andi to remember gtachi as well this time. Emma runs off and Jax runs after her.


Emma says it’s a long story. Emma wants to leave right then but Lily insists on staying the night. Retrieved December 21, The next day, Emma and Andi visit the Novoas at their house. Emma and Jax are stuck at school together, where they make a huge discovery in caitulo principal’s office, Andi and Diego are trapped at the Seven, and Maddie and Daniel are at Daniel’s house.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Later, Mia walks into Daniel’s room and he is lying on the gracji in danger of his life if the spider mark isn’t removed.

Andi is about to start on her way to the academy, but a force-field blocks her move, and she starts getting trapped in a liquid capsule; this leads up to the premiere of WITS Academy. Retrieved January 27, When a spell Maddie casts on Emma lands her in the nurse’s office, Emma meets Lily, the tempodada nurse and her magical Guardian.

Retrieved July 29, Tempirada she could destroy the realm, Desdemona is turned back to normal by the last light of the fool moon. Desdemona uses a spell to make Gigi her minion; tensions are high between Daniel and Emma following their split; the T3 decide to prank Emma. Emma discovers Mia flirting with Daniel, and Diego learns more about being a Kanay. Jax takes her to school gracui keep an eye on her, but he leaves her with Andi.

The Van Pelts are invited to the Alonso’s house, where Ursula and Francisco announce that they are getting married and Maddie and Emma are going to be sisters. Views Read Edit View history. Diego discovers that he has the ability to create portals, and while doing so Maddie throws trash into it, which reaches Lily and Ramona where they are being held captive.

Elsewhere, Emma takes away the Council’s powers after they try to take hers away. When Ursula almost discovers the truth, Maddie capituoo Katie lie ssrie her by agreeing to make her a boyfriend.

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Also, the T3 pull their biggest prank ever at the school play on Daniel. Jax convinces Emma to skip school, but she gets detention. Jax races Daniel for tryouts to be the grach Shark, but Andi sees through Spell-O-Vision goggles that Jax cast a spell to make him swim faster. When Daniel shows up at Emma’s house, Jax and Andi reverse the spell just in time for Emma to not make a fool out of herself again.


Meanwhile, Maddie accuses Mia for stealing Daniel away from Emma, but Mia tells her she didn’t, to teach Maddie a lesson, Mia freezes the inside of her locker and when Maddie shows up later, her whole locker is filled with water and her heels are wet, Diego tries to help and accidentally heats the heals too long. The battle goes under way and Maddie shows up to watch. Emma is too busy and can’t handle a bunch of stuff on her own. The series follows the adventures of a teenage girl who, while adjusting to a new town, new school, rivalry, love and the everyday problems of being gdachi teenager, discovers she has magical powers.

Right before they leave to go hang out, Emma explains how she wants to see how Daniel is doing, but Jax does not know who Daniel is. Daniel tries to leave so Jax casts a spell to tie him up with ropes and mutes Gigi when she starts screaming, serrie unmuting her.

Emma and Maddie have a hard time mastering their powers after discovering that they are witches. It has been released on August 19, When things go out of control, Emma asks Lily for help. Agamemnon and Desdemona show up to prove the chosen powers can be taken away. Mia hugs Daniel saying, “You’re my hero”. Upon moving to her new home in Miamistrange things start happening to Emma as she meets Daniel, her new crush, Andi, her new best friend, and her new enemy, Maddie — Daniel’s jealous and popular ex-girlfriend who has mysterious powers of her own.

Retrieved 9 July Andi makes a troubling deal with Jax so that she could get Philip back; she helps Jax break into the Witches’ Council but, once Jax steals his magic back, she finds out she was tricked, while an SOS message is sent to Diego and the Panthers from Ramona, Lily and Agamemnon from Limbo.

Archived from the original on August 17, A mysterious crystal from Mia’s necklace magically binds Emma and Maddie together. Desdemona casts a spell on Tejporada at Katie’s party that makes every girl go crazy over him; the T3 constructs their biggest prank, but cannot decide on the victim: