And we all know how he earned his stripes. Hope there’s meaty stuff for him in the next season. Bubbs is a lot of things, but he’s not a killer. The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Seeing the previews to the finale — looks like it’s going to be amazing. That charcter drove me up a wall, but I feel so so bad for that kid.

Being so good you disappear is where Hollywood misses them. The first vacant killing in season 4, where Chris and Snoop worry about running low on quicklime while the boy begs for his life. If you follow Simon’s logic about what Baltimore symbolized, then the ending of “The Wire” suggests the status of America is very grave indeed. Daniels visits Greggs and bumps into a drunken McNulty outside of her room. Based on the six episodes Cinemax sent out for review in advance of Friday night’s premiere, it’s in many ways the Strike Back fans knew and loved the first time out. Dukie– for some reason, i feel like that character isn’t really developed– at least not to the degree that the others are.

Read More Posted Mar 7, Duquan is essentially a smart, decent kid stuck in a bad situation.

And yeah, “Where’s Wallace” is one of my top five scenes in the whole series. That said, this is the single saddest episode I have seen so far. Norman is the equivalent of Bunk, but also of Lester — he’s real politics the way Lester is real police.

Season seasoon Preview A Lost: We can probably assume that crisis will follow him to the next stage of his life The Wire has argued that change is possible on an individual level, but that institutions are incapable of realistic, long-term change seaso they’re busy perpetuating themselves.

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Alan reviewed various Season episodes for the Newark Star-Ledger and did a Season 1 rewatch in I guess the writers just wanted to make it more tragic for Bubs. Is anyone, like me, couldn’t recall who Michael Steintorf is then, to save you googling, he’s Tommy Carcetti’s very unpleasant chief of staff in S05 once Tommy is mayor.


Of Course, I only started to enjoy it after I started drinking. And if Randy’s house wasn’t bombed by the kids who tried to jump him outside of school, it was by some kids like that.

He’s absolutely being a selfish jerk, even screwing over swpinwall, but it’s wonderful. You guys make a lot of good points on Cutty’s motivation for telling Michael to run, but the end result for Michael is the same: Yeah, to those of you who havent seen the final episode, you’re in for a treat. I have to say that I disagree about the Dukie comments — episide my favorite of the four though I love them all.

They are seldom sung, but come right after the lines: Daniels had provided him his escape — but he was a sweet kid pushed into this life practically from birth check out how little his mother cares about himgiven such a limited understanding of the world that he couldn’t fathom any other way to be.

Read More Posted Mar 27, Sometimes the lessons of The Wire remind me that the system is broken — what can one person do? There are always eyes on the courtyard. He tells McNulty to either see Greggs or go back to work. In the words of a character from season 1, you have to see that bottom rushing towards you in order to realize it’s time to stop.

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Bodie tells Wallace that he would have to accept a demotion, but D’Angelo overrules him. Season 2 – Chapter 11 TV Episode. Later he snitched to save his own hide. It really does feel like the season has been building to something important between [Earn and Al], and this origin story was part of that, in addition to being a bittersweet nostalgia trip in its own right.


Already have an account? Posted by Alan Sepinwall at The closure-filled finale was in many ways the antithesis of the last “Sopranos. I’m a total layperson, except for some working knowledge of audio equipment, but using multiple shotgun mikes sounds quite plausible to me.

Literacy is now welcomed SNL: As Maggie puts it while considering what it must be like to be Marius, adjusting himself to the temperature of each room and changing his identity and plans accordingly, “Must be exhausting. Generation Kill, “A Burning Dog”: And I have no guess at all at what Cutty would have done.

There were also complaints about McNulty’s involvement in the fake serial killer story and the time spent on the Sun story. I was never particularly impressed by Michael Hyatt in this season. But just as awful was Dukie’s wistful last glimpse back at Prez’s classroom and also the look on his face when he realized his family left him behind — againNamond telling Michael he didn’t want the package and, later, breaking down in tears at the realization that he’s not capable of living his father’s life.

Omar goes to war with the dealers but is removed from the story before the season’s climax he goes in NYC in Season 1 and is killed in 5 — I find this parallel particularly interesting, since Omar’s arcs in 1 and 5 were so similar.