Takatoshi wakes Kotomi from her sleep, and a concerned Uomi barges in wearing apron with a ladle in hand. Shino and Takatoshi go shopping. More daily school life gags. The council recaps highlights from the series with a bit of revisionist history. Igarashi tries to combat her fear of males. They have a stew party in the dark at Tsuda’s house. LeaderTGW All reviews 34 people found this review helpful. Suzu has an overnight study party with Nene and Mutsumi where they take a break to walk Boa.

Yokoshima tries to trap Takatoshi in a classroom. Kotomi introduces her new friend, Toki. Add to My List. Shino founds a superimposed picture of Takatoshi courtesy of Kotomi , and lost the bet of not laughing for the day. Max Power”, Takatoshi founds a dried squid on the student council room’s door. Afterwards, they cook roasted sweet potato using the leaves.

Hata charges her voice recorder in front of Takatoshi while acting like confessing her love.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. Takatoshi lends his sister some money, though she misunderstands on how he wants her to pay it back.

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Mutsumi, Suzu and Shino win their respective races. Some gags about the art pieces in class.


Uomi and Takatoshi discover they are attending the same wedding and that they will be relatives-in-law. Hata interviews Shino for the school paper, but the process seems to resemble that of an eroge. Suzu and her height jokes.

Mutsumi sets up a match with Toki, where Toki will have to join the judo club if she loses. Shino replaces the fluorescent lamp, but she loses grip of it. The student council has a fpisode meeting, and then a patrol around the campus. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Suzu effectively prevents Kotomi episoee sleeping after eating.

The council and Kotomi visit Eiryou High School for their cultural festival. Yokoshima complains about not being a good advisor, yet she gives bad advice. Jokes about being tsundere while giving things.

A sports festival between school starts. The council participates in various sports day events for their class, and then as a team for the final group relay.

The school has another culture festival.

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The council helps Hata with articles for the school newspaper. Takatoshi gains the respect of the girls by eliminating the bugs that scare Yakuiindomo. Uomi states her concerns about the placement of the men’s restroom. None found, add some. Shino, Tsuda and Aria model the school uniforms. Uomi waits for Takatoshi in front of Ousai gate, attracting attention. Shino hurts her leg in P.


She accidentally slips on the stairs but is saved by Takatoshi. Aria tries to decline an engagement proposal, so she asks Takatoshi to pretend to be her boyfriend, to Shino’s and Suzu’s jealousy.

Shino ponders whether to call Takatoshi. Various antics of the student council members during midterm exams. Takatoshi and Fried Squid Max Power segment, it shows Hata’s movements on framing Takatoshi from episoee until the end.

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They also hear a mysterious tapping in the wall. Takatoshi makes bukkake soba for lunch. Jokes about shoes, lunch, indirect kiss. Kotomi implies that she wet herself inside the poolbut the truth is still a mystery.