Honestly, as sick as this might make me feel, play Pirate Warrior if you want to hit legend. April 20, at While still being great against Zoolock and Shaman, the Yogg-Saron factor gives you some hopes of lethal against control decks. Hunters just have better tools to recruit their big charge minions than warrior does. Not advocating for a tier 1 deck, but certainly is a solid deck even against decks that require high amounts of AOE…. As for me, I am playing Midrangehunter on the Ladder right now, because there is no way for me to craft a fancy Controldeck.

Is Silver hand Paladin a thing? It is known for being very well-rounded and having decent matchups versus everything in the field. October 15, at 9: May 18, at 6: Hey nickel, the number 1 rule is to never spent all your dust right away for a new expansion — the situation you are in right now is the very reason why. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

With Warrior and Renolock gaining popularity, N’Zoth Rogue can be a strong tool in your arsenal if you find these decks wearing down your mid-range decks. I say thisbecause many people come and say “meta snapchot is wrong”, “this deck should be tier hearthstoneulttra then i see they are rank playersApril 10, at 8: If you want to play this deck seriously, you should craft them.

If you run brawl and hearthstlneultra flurry, you have 4 are cards as well as shield slam for any large minions. Control decks are great today. What do seawon think about combo priest, especially after the new cards come out?

Druid uses C’Thun effectively through the class ramp abilities in cards like Wild Growth and Innervate. December 11, at 4: GvG brought in a new era of Paladin; the deck became more curve-based, with its undercosted and high-value minions, only armed with a single Equality and a few Consecrations to match.


March 7, at 9: The card back for Ranked play Season hearthstonneultra is related to the expansion’s theme. The burst damage this deck offers is deadly hearthstneultra, with a mixture of spells including Cold Blood, Eviscerate, and Deadly Poison giving you the damage you need to kill your opponent. Standard Control Warrior is the quintessential control deck that picks up value through weapon removal in the early stages of the game.

Enter Boom Labs – Part 3. April 20, at 1: Once you get them down to one or two creatures, it is very easy to catch back up with your new hero power. Players in lower ranks are less experienced and hence the lower win rate.

The deck makes no sense without it. A good example would be Odd Paladin — Quest is absolutely pointless in that matchup. Things will be changing quickly once it is released!

Inconsistent decks that are unrefined, out-of-flavor, overly niche, or retired.

Warrior Musical Chairs (July 03, 2016)

Zoo is a strategy that revolves around taking the board early, using minions and buffs to favorably trade up with higher-value minions. April 12, at I love playing Mid-Range Druid, and manged to achieve rank 1 legend several times and multiple top 20 finishes with it. Marsh Drake is good stuff. Hey, what you said is not right. Liam and a Cauldron aswell but adding them depends on the amount of fun you want.


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Some of his more well-known creations include: Just opened a Kingsbane heh. February 4, at 2: April 17, at 2: ONiK meta was diverse af saying that it was the worst meta ever is rediculous.

With double Whirlwind and double Ghoul, Napoleon’s list from America’s Sseason aims to increase its percentages against aggro decks. January 8, at The win rate is proportional to the rank tier.

And I have faced many Yogg-Saarons Without dirty rat you automatically lose against decks like chaos mage or quest rogue. Check out Stonekeep on Twitter! Boom, Mad Genius 1 9 Baku the Mooneater 1. Big update to a bunch of lists.

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Of course, the meta has already shifted a bit, e. BK 3 years ago. Hunters just have better tools to recruit their big charge minions than warrior does.

Mas se os decks comessarem seaeon ficar mais lentos, talvez seja viavel. April 17, at They initially had the idea of Mechs that could “plug-and-play” into each other, leading to the creation of a minion mechanic called Modular with various experimental implementations. November 6, at 7: May 14, at 8: