Amused, Ryofu duels Chouryou, but it is clear that Chouryou is no match to Ryofu. The second, the Enjyutsu arc, lasts from episode 14 to episode 26, detailing the rise of warlords all over Mirisha, expanding their influence, and the rise of Enjyutsu after he unwittingly comes across the Gyokuji, which disappeared after the Toutaku arc. Outside, Chou-un and Chouhi have a duel, with Kan-u as judge. Ryuubi decides to travel, while Kousonsan stays behind, inheriting Roshoku’s stratagem scroll. Sousou tai Ryofu ” Japanese: Chou-un then decides to join Kousonsan’s army, as the five set forth to the Biujiyou in Chouan. Ryuubi starts his duel with Sousou, with both exchanging their views on the future of Mirisha. However, Sousou comments that all he needs to do, is to defeat all that stands in his way.

Souhi thanks Shiba-i, and Sousou for helping him to find, and build his kingdom. The villagers wish for Ryuubi to become the Governor of Joshuu again, and help rebuild the peace it once had. Touched, Ryuubi declines Sousou’s offer. Sonken counters with his on-board Siege Weapon, but the ships remained unscathed. The four decide to join up with the Son army to back them up. Sonken rushes in to check on her, as Enjyutsu tries a sneak attack. Koumei comments that perhaps a large fish has eaten the smaller fish, and Ryuubi states that if he catches that fish, the river will be at peace again. Unless the Koroukan is captured, there’s no way to defeat Toutaku.

The Chou Brothers combine to form the powerful Kouten The. Sousou turns away, just as Ryuubi boards the ship.

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Enshou comments that he has no need for a fool who doesn’t have the Gyokuji. Before Ryofu can strike down on Chouryou, Kan-u intercepts, commenting that true comrade-in-arms cover each other.

Sonken Zephyranthes continues to fight in his injured state, but he is no match for Ryofu, who then swiftly finishes off Sonken Zephyranthes and leaves. Chou-sen comments that Sousou sangookuden a frightening opponent.


Kan-u almost escapes when Chouryou, on Sekitoba, blocks his exit. Ryuubi rushes in, but is easily overpowered. The people of Koutou have made flower charms for all of them, sangokuren them success and a safe return. Sonken counters with his on-board Siege Weapon, but the ships remained unscathed. Sousou is unimpressed, and shows Shuuyu the power of the Three Sovereigns as his Seihouken glows. Each episode is about 15 minutes long.

As the Tengyokugai disintegrates around him, Sousou comments that their duel is not over, and that a new era has begun on this day, a day where Mirisha is ruled by compassion. The refugees comment on how there’s a large marketplace, and patrols on the city walls.

Sousou, Ryuubi and Ten-i proceed to the main chamber, while Kan-u and Chouhi are led to another room for refreshments. Enshou’s troops have completed occupied the area just outside the breached Ekikyourou wall, awaiting Enshou’s orders.

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He knows of Ryuubi being the Governor of Joshuu, qarriors Ryuubi corrects him saying that he is the one responsible for Joshuu’s fall to Enjyutsu. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor.

Sonken rushes in to check on her, as Enjyutsu tries a sneak attack. Nattle episode ends with Ryuubi looking forward to the bright future that they will create. Kan-u bids farewell to Chouryou, knowing that the next time they meet, they’ll be enemies. Just as Ryuubi is going to say his decision, Kan-u, Chouhi, Bachou and the refugees barge gumdam, saying that they love Ryuubi as he is, and forsaking that love is not within his character.

None of the four remember the 2, much to the 2’s surprise. As the allied forces rush in to finish Enjyutsu off, the Gyokuji glowed with darkness, and formed a forcefield around Enjyutsu.

Ryofu also prepares to move out, and is accompanied by Chou-sen, Chouryou, Gjndam and Koushun. As Ryofu is about to reach Sousou, Chouryou intercepts him. Warriorss to see Ryofu alive, Chouhi hesitates. Shiba-i leaves the council, and meets with his disciple Kakuka Virsago. As Suikyou watch the two leave, Koumei steps out from hiding, warroirs Suikyou asks if this was for the best. Bachou and the village children cheers the three sworn brothers on Bachou even asks the viewers to join in the cheeringand soon, Kan-u and Chouhi stands up again, and the three perform the Holy Trinity.


After they manage to elude the wild boar, they recap episode Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u rushes out in time to engage the Yellow Scarves army, led by Chouryou Messala, just outside the village. Rikuson and Sonshoukou are gathering some fruits for the villagers, as Rikuson enjoys the peace thanks to Sonsaku’s efforts, to which Sonshoukou grew teary-eyed.

Sousou comments that the Seihouken is a symbol of the 3 Sovereigns, and that he has another symbol, and calls forth the Gyokuji. The sworn brothers rushes out, and soon encounter the Ugan army, being led by Touton Memedorza. Ryuubi, Chou-un and Chouhi continues their advance towards Sousou’s main camp. Both Ryuubi and Kousonsan arrive at the scene to see a heated battle between Roshoku and Bagengi Zaku, however Roshoku is defeated in battle.

Though she was initially skillful at it, it soon turned gunda. Just then, the wild boar returns, and headbutts Chouhi, as Koumei looks on, commenting what strange people the 3 sworn brothers are. Shiba-i is very pleased that the Tengyokugai has descended upon Sousou, cementing Sousou as a descendant of the Three Sovereigns.

Sousou seems to have an advantage when Chou-sen steps in with her butterflies illusion. At the Biujiyou, Bundam prepares the ballistic arrow cannons.