The explosion kills off Saibou, and his entire fleet is engulfed in flames. Bakuoki returns, informing Koumei that the Gyokuji in Toutaku’s possession is the source of the darkness. Chouhi and Kan-u are fishing, while Ryuubi rests under a tree, thinking wherever they have finally brought peace back to Mirisha. Touched, Ryuubi declines Sousou’s offer. However, Jyokou, now serving under Sousou, disagrees, saying that such power is too dangerous. Soon after, all of them arrived at Kyoshou.

Enshou then orders a fire arrow shower, to burn down Ekikyourou. Ryuubi notices Kousonsan, kneeling in front of Ekikyourou, just as explosions rip through the fortress. Rikuson is pleased that the stratagem is working, but Shuuyu feels that something is amiss. Chouhi soon arrives, limping, but very much alive, much to everyone’s joy. Kan-u curses in disbelief, as Kakuka sarcastically says this mobilisation is all for nothing. Ryofu easily overpowers the sworn brothers, cutting off Chouhi’s right shoulder armour, and laughs at their justice. Enjyutsu is in a panic at Kirei’s death, and orders Ryofu to dispose of Sonsaku and his army.

Back at the capital Rakuyou, Toutaku comments with Ryofu at the Koroukan, no one will pass. However, before Suikyou can fully explain, a villager barges in, saying a eisode, Kan-pei Gundam, has been kidnapped by Choushuu and Kaku, and they demand that Ryuubi comes alone. The episode recaps on how the 3 sworn brothers, Sousou, and Sonsaku intend to end Enjyutsu’s tyranny, and attack Jushun. As Sonken Zephyranthes catches up with Toutaku, he orders Ryofu to take care of the Tiger of Koutou, to redeem his honour.

Sonsaku warrior on fighting, much to Ryofu’s surprise.

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Unless the Koroukan is captured, there’s swngokuden way to defeat Toutaku. Saibou gloats, commenting that their ships are lined with steel. Everyone is shocked at Enshou’s treachery, and that’s the reason Chouryou wants to join Sousou. Not long after, the Son army begins their attack on the Koroukan, as Sousou watches on behind. Kousonsan believes the villagers will be well-protected against Enshou’s army.

A scout then arrives with bad news: However, there’s only one, so they can’t afford to miss. The West Wing is led by Sonken Zephyranthes, and he too decides to gundaam. A small squabble between Chouhi and Enjyutsu starts, until Enshou Bawoo, the commander of the Alliance steps in. The troops are again overpowered, but Koshin overpowers the 3 with another finishing technique.


Though she was initially skillful at it, it soon turned disastrous. Ryuubi, Chouhi and Eisode arrive at what is left of Enshou’s main camp, and sees Denpou’s corpse.

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Sonken duels Ryomou, while Sonshoukou frees Rikuson. Back at the duel, Ryuubi stands up against Koshin, and in unison with Bachou, proclaims to help Mirisha. However, there’s trouble with Touken. Ryofu walks off, and Enjyutsu instructs his army to advance and invade Joshuu, with Chouhi struggling to get up.

Choukou soon sees Chou-un and his White Stallion platoon, and has his platoon put up full body shields to block the coming Hakuba Jin. Chouhi only barely manages to block it, and is blown away by the attack’s sheer power. At Ekikyourou, Kousonsan decides to surrender for the sake of the villagers, and hands over Fukuryuu’s scroll to Chou-un, saying that the scroll can never fall into Enshou’s hands.

The story begins with the three sworn brothers being chased by some Toutaku troops. Sousou faces him, as Ryuubi declares a duel.

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors-Episode 27~31 available today!!

With the defeat of Kayuu, Ryofu jumps out baattle the Koroukan, preventing the Son army from advancing any further. It’s morning, as Sousou receives word that Sonsaku’s ais are already at Jushun. Ryuubi remembers his cohorts, and is renewed with new energy.

Kan-u manages to repel most of the traps, but is caught when he nearly falls into a spike pit, with an arrow shower aimed at him. Toutaku comments on how Ryofu has served him well up till now, but it’s time for him to be wiped out with the Alliance. With encouragement from Shuusou, Kan-u remembers his oath of brotherhood, and breaks out with Shuusou.


At the Son army’s rear, Kirei catches up, and labels them as traitors. He proclaims himself Emperor, and touches the Gyokuji, resulting in a huge explosion of dark energy that kills Denpou in the blast. Over at the Gyou Castle, Ryuubi informs Enshou of Enjyutsu’s invasion of Joshuu, as well as all his evil deeds after proclaiming himself as Emperor, and begs Enshou to stop him.

She wants to be accomplished in battle as well, and begins to show her finishing technique. The episode begins with a recap of Sousou’s plan to invade Keishuu, as well as Koumei joining Ryuubi. Sousou desires everlasting peace, true peace that is maintained by force. Koumei retrieves Bakuoki, and Ryuubi realises it was Koumei who saved them.

Shuuyu is relieved, and comments on joining Sonsaku, and he soon dies peacefully in his chair.

The three clash with all their strength, and at the final blow, a huge tundam one would recognize it as the star of Ryuubi’s Dragon Star Slash forms over Mirisha. He found the source to be Gyokuji, and grabs it, only to be grabbed by Ryofu. Ryuubi, Kan-u, Chouhi and Chou-un then steps out to meet Sousou. He notices Sonshoukou, and decides to take care of her first. That Ryuubi forsakes his love for the people.

However, Kaku calms him down, saying he has seen through the attack, and has prepared a counter-stratagem.

The two wing armies soon realize that the Yellow Scarves defense is spread too wide, and the invasion seems too easy. He only wants to duel Sousou, who promptly steps forward.

Chou-sen and Chouryou rush in to protect Ryofu, but are hit squared on. Ryofu intercepts Sousou in midair, and demands a duel with him.