There’s no denying it. While you’re in The Field, use the Detector in front of the fence and to the right of Bubs’ Concession Stand to get the Hollywood Boulevard shoes and a Two-O Duo poster which was before thier unfortunate breakup , respectively. Strong Sad will run over and show it to Bubs, who assumes that Strong Sad is the head of security. He’ll mention they love his dark, dank room. Guess he’s still a little sore about all that name calling. Use Poodonkis on the car. You’ve got about five seconds to grab the flashing red alarm before Bubs comes and spots you trying to take his record. Cool Tapes is a band formed by Marzipan in the toon Cool Things.

Finally, click on the Washer to start it all up. Head to Bubs and talk using every available option. Have him try Poetry next. Let’s ask a professional how Two-O-Duo is doing so well on stage. I guess we’ll never know. Select on it to Equip it onto the Pointer. Walkthough – Extended Play. During the basic run-around gameplay, you can use this to bring up Photo Mode.

On various tables throughout the club are various food items. A crate of wholesale liberty, or a justice combo meal? Strong Sad gets confused and eventually gives in. Talk to Coach Z about Marzipan twice, Cool Tapes Rare Poster When you walk in, you’ll find Coach Z epixode toilet paper. Club Technochocolate and The Track will be added. Head to Pomstar and use Wire Hanger on Whale.


Use Billy Club on cutout.

See the section [SBAB] for their locations. Head to Pomstar’s stage and talk to the whale near “Limozeen” twice.

SBCG4AP Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands Walkthrough

Unfortunately walkthroigh Homestar, he’s having trouble making good food-related rhymes. Homestar is being suave and charming, careful with his words, AND wearing silly headphones?!! In fact, I think it might be a food. We should be the official winners of the battle of the bands! Strong Bad then gives his approval.

Along the way, your inventory will accumulate objects providing you’re getting them. He owns Club Technochocolate, where he’s currently holding auditions for a new lead singer for his instrumental music. Try unplugging Strong Bad’s Lappy. A bag of four grapes?

SBCG4AP Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands Walkthrough

Opening of the game, getting things for the awesomeness. Judicious timing of bombs can greatly assist in reaching the higher levels. Oh, and the spout is missing. Use Fake Sword on The Cheat.


Tell her Coach Z. Maybe we can help him out? Strong Bad will scribble out the address and mail it off. You start up the game as the credits roll. Something fishy is going on here Is there any way to use that stencil you found near Bubs to trick Strong Sad into thinking Security is a band name? Hey, we’re not talking be mad at the whale! Head to the Two-O-Duo stage and over to the pond.

Go into your settings and change the resolution to 4: The way I move across the dance floor. He mopes around, sbvgfap about how tortured he is. Examine Wire Hanger three times then talk to Whale. Load up the autosave for a surprise!

The King of Town goes nuts and starts eating all the bats! If you can’t get it to trigger, try examining things or using objects on random things. Walkthrough – Bubs’ Concession Stand