Meanwhile, Aarushi is need of money; she goes to her publisher to start the ‘Dilliwali Kudi’ article once again but the publisher comes up with another plan to benefit his newspaper and this angers Aarushi. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 11 – December 17, Satrangi Sasural – Episode 8 – December 12, Later, Aarushi reaches home and feels that someone has tampered with her money box and just then her mother manages to make an excuse. Watch the entire episode here to know more. One of Vihaan’s managers sees the presentation and Vihaan watches the entire meeting through a cctv.

Later, just when Vihaan is trying to convince all to celebrate ‘maasi maa’s’ birthday, a man comes with a lot of food. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 12 – December 18, Vihaan later reaches home and feels ashamed for his action. While all of Vihaan’s seven mothers hear Diya complain to her mother about the large family that Vihaan has, Diya’s mother immediately sees the ladies standing behind and begins to defend her daughter. Vihaan continues to make vain attempts to get in touch with Aarushi. Watch the entire episode here. Finally, Prahlad decides to sell his wife’s jewellery. On the morning of first day of the New Year, Dadi Maa does a bit of charity and later gets a VIP treatment in order to enter the temple.

Dadi maa takes the matter lightly and is happy that Diya could share her problems. At home, Sarathi confesses to Vihaan that he had beaten up Girish a few days back.

Meanwhile, Malhotra’s family comes to Vihaan’s house and seeing seven ladies in the house the girl gets surprised. Meanwhile, Vihaan’s family too is waiting for a family to arrive to meet Vihaan. Watch the entire episode to know if Vihaan will let the meeting, that he episde been trying to avoid all this while, take place. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 27 – January 8, He gives this information to Vihaan and immediately tries to free him from the prison but in vain.

Radha Hee Bawaree – Watch Full Episode of 5th June – video dailymotion

Before Aarushi begins to misjudge him, Vihaan asks her to give him a chance to explain himself to her. She leaves the house in her excitement and announces what she had listened in front of all.

Meanwhile, Aarushi herself is disheartened about the fact that her own brother’s actions had led to the serious condition of Vihaan, and she begins to imagine Vihaan being furious with her. VIhaan takes their blessings and demand a gift from them all. It turns out that, Aarushi’s father Prahlad and her brother, Girish are not very close to Aarushi as she had been adopted. Later that night, Vihaan surprises Aarushi by sending her sweets, but he not does not meet her.


Vihaan brings the dog back from the veterinary and just then Aarushi comes in front of him. Later, Vihaan goes home with a cake and seeing this his ‘dadi’ scolds him as nobody is willing to celebrate Neelima’s birthday.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 15 – December 23, Meanwhile in the hospital, Vihaan’s family members begin to laugh and have fun in the hospital in the presence of Dadi Maa, and seeing them so, the nurse drives them out of the patient’s room.

Aarushi is not aware that the gifts are not from one single person, but from all the seven ladies whom Vihaan treats as his mother. Vihaan hears his Tai Maa and rushes behind her towards all of the other ladies of the house. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. He finally decides to reveal his true identity in front of Aarushi and decides to meet her.

He asks her if she has a boyfriend and is eagerly waiting for her to give a ‘no’. He breaks the windscreen of Vihaan’s car. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 26 – January 7, Later, Aahil feels that their is some connection between Aarushi and the person writing the articles and he decides to find out about it.

Radha Hee Bawaree – Watch Full Episode 148 of 5th June 2013

Later, Aarushi takes him to her room and seeing her way of thinking and living, the boy, Rajkumar gets ready for the marriage. He also deletes the photos. Just then Aarushi learns that a girl has arrived to get the papers signed and he feels happy thinking that Aarushi is here. Aarushi reaches the hospital to meet Vihaan’s Dadi Maa, but Vihaan sees her and manages to avoid satarngi from meeting his Dadi. Harpreet sees Narmada sad and tries to enquire about it.

He later assures her that her meeting will be successful and her proposal will be accepted. The ‘pundit’ goes on to tell them that Vihaan will be meeting the girl before them.

After a while, Gattu notices the two of them enjoying themselves and gets furious, but they disappear before Gattu could create a scene. He feels releived to know that his Dadi has got a good impression of Aarushi. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 24 – January 5, Soon, Aarushi reaches the scene and sees him there.


However, Vihaan’s mothers start making plans to send gifts to the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and at the same time, Vihaan’s Tai Maa feels that the Dil Wali Kudi’s ominous presence has brought the injuries upon Vihaan.

Will she be able to break through the tough exterior and not only live up 184 each of their expectations aatrangi also establish a loving bond with them? Later, Aarushi writes another article for the newspaper and next morning, Vihaan gets surprised to read the article as it refers to his previous day. After a while, Vihaan does pick up the call and learns about the gifts from Aarushi. She feels bad that Vihaan had lied to her all this while and she episkde refuses to be friends with him as she feels that friendship should be done with people of the same status.

Satrangi Sasural is about the celebration of love, Life and Marriage. Prahlad later manages to emotionally blackmail Sasutal into giving him some money.

He later tells her the entire story concerning Anisha and to his surprise, Aarushi starts to laugh. Next day is Vihaan’s Maasi Maa, Neelima’s birthday.

Vihaan on the other hand gets on a mission to lighten the house with celebrations and decides to anyhow celebrate his maasi maa’s birthday. Watch the entire episode here to know what Vihaan’s reaction will be on seeing Aarushi in the hospital. Will Aarushi accept the challenge of marrying into a family with seven mothers-in-law? However, Vihaan gets alert when she tells him that she has got the details of his house address from the bank, and she is right now waiting downstairs to meet his mother.

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Satrangi Sasural – Episode 25 – January 6, Next morning, the two of them speak on phone and Aarushi tries to solve all of Vihaan’s problems. Watch the entire episode here. All of Vihaan’s mothers surround Vihaan and try to get more information about Saleem’s love interest and Satrabgi who himself is extremely excited speaks to his mothers in an excited fashion.