Saraswatichandra requests the villagers to send their children to the school. Dugba prays to god for Kumud’s wellbeing. Shankar’s wife informs the police that her father had sent the grocery, and shows the evidence regarding the same. Sunanda allows Saraswatichandra to meet Kumud. Kumud informs the Desai family that she is not pregnant. A lady mistakes Kumud to be Pooja. Saraswatichandra decides to enquire Kabir about the same. Kabir dreams that Anushka is leaving for Mumbai.

Later, Saraswatichandra finds the thief, and retrieves his wallet. Kumud becomes unconscious on being drugged by Sunanda. The Desai family becomes delighted on learning that Saraswatichandra has returned. Badi maa asks Kumud to prepare sweets. The security guard of the building informs the secretary that Saraswatichandra and Kumud have produced a fake photograph. Saraswatichandra fails to inform Danny that he has got the NOC. Kumud tries to convince Saraswatichandra to tell the truth to Ela, but in vain.

Me Adarayai Sakuge Kathawa 91 Sirisara on 03 Aug 4: Saraswatichandra decides to enquire Kabir about the same. Anushka clicks a picture of Kabir when he spills colour on himself, by mistake.

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Vidyachatur becomes worried on thinking about the difficulties faced by Saraswatichandra. Hiru News Rabies likely to raise its head again – Public health inspectors Association stated that deadly rabies could risk the country after the rabies prevention veterinary unit was shifted to animal product health department.


Saraswatichandra’s secretary finds him absent-minded, and suggests him saraswatichandraa send a flower bouquet to Kumud. Prashant lies to Kumud that he is suffering from a brain disease.

Saraswatichandra saves Vidyachatur from a fire accident in his Sunny asks Saraswati Chandra to go to Gujarat on a business trip in his stead. She episodw upset when he asks her if he had hurt her.

The officers do not cancel the affiliation of the school. Kusum apologises to Danny, and reconciles with him. Vidyachatur becomes worried about Kumud.

Saraswatichandra season 1 episode 287

Kabir notices Ghuman following him, and catches her. Menaka and Kabir discuss about their plan against the Desai family. They learn about the allegation that Kalika had made against Danny. Laxminandan becomes furious at Ghuman for dancing. Dugba learns episodd Kabir had hidden Anushka’s project report, and enquires him.

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Saraswatichandra realises his mistake, and decides to cheer Kumud by cooking her favourite dish. He informs Dugba saraewatichandra he has decided to leave the house. Dugba decides to get Anushka married to Kabir. Vidyachatur’s family fails to find the documents of their ancestral property.

Ghuman provokes Danny

Mishti’s mother informs Saraswatichandra that she had seen Kumud with the anklets, in a shop. Saraswatichandra introduces Kumud to Mr. Anushka becomes scared on seeing a cockroach and runs into Kabir. She enquires Kusum about Saraswatichandra and Danny. Saraswatichandra remains busy in his office, while Kumud becomes bored in the house.


The Desai family decides to convince Kumud to accompany Saraswatichandra to Mumbai. Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud had agreed to marry him by just seeing his eyes. However, the astrologer tells that Kusum and Danny are made for each other.

Ghuman saraswatichandr Kabir for his plan against Saraswatichandra and Danny. Later, Anushka informs the Desai family that Kabir is going to kill someone. Saraswatichandra manages to get his marriage certificate. Vidyachatur decides to punish Kalika after Saraswatichandra and Kumud’s return.

Saraswatichandra frees Kabir, but the bomb attached to Kumud’s chair gets activated. She refuses to relocate to Mumbai on believing that something bad might happen to xaraswatichandra family, in her absence. Saraswatichandra and Kumud thank Prashant for helping them. Ghuman informs Kabir that Danny is avoiding her.

Anushka becomes worried on thinking that Kabir will kill someone. Sraswatichandra and the principal request the officer not to cancel the affiliation of the school.