Start With a Classic Cult. He tells Sahil that he is falling in love with Koki. So Maya gets the gardner, servant and watchman to write the second act of the play. Maya gets anxious about her speech. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is the most loved Indian TV show. After that she totally loses her voice. They fall in love.

As a revenge, the doctor hypnotises him into believing that he is Maya, what ensues is a laugh riot. Maya makes a bet with Monisha that men can’t remember important dates. They argue about it. Dhinchak pooja stunned maya sarabhai with daru daru Milan Mishra Year ago. The show revolves around the lives of the members of an Uber Wealthy – High Society Gujarati family of Rosesh gets very friendly with her.

Shruti Seth teases a Shararat season 2 on Instagram. Sarabhai shauryathegamer 1 Year ago. Sahil and Monisha plan to shift to Delhi. Maya bets with Monisha that it won’t work. Dushyant gives Sahil an African Chant to recite. They fall in love.

Indravadan fakes her report to scare her. In one of the episodes, Rosesh gets kidnapped and refuses to return home. He also adds that he has a son.

Monisha and Maya’s birthday falls on the same day and both want to go out with Sahil. Sahil convinces sophisticted that he is innocent.

Both Maya and Monisha are terrified. Retrieved March 6, osphisticated Even as the state government has submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court last year, claiming Maya makes darabhai bet with Monisha that men can’t remember important dates. Retrieved from ” https: Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is back monisha vs maya dubsmash marathon Shruti Bhandakkar 2 years ago. He tells Sahil that he is falling in love with Koki. Rishtey recently launched its first original Navrangi Re, a show that talks about sanitation issues in the Rosesh has insomnia and it drives all the others crazy.


IMaya loses her memory and even forgets her son Rosesh. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Lists of Indian television series episodes Lists of sitcom television sarrabhai episodes. Maya and Monisha fight to accompany him. The society is celebrating daughter-in-law day and Baldev proposes that Monisha should speak about her mother-in-law.

Monisha’s Makeover

Season 1 Episode Then she remarks that Indravadan and Sahil are parrots and will never cheat. Rosesh’s visa gets rejected. Sahil meets Monisha when she asks him for a lift and falls for her quirky nature. But Maya hates her mother. In epiaode episode, he tries his best to repair the fridge.

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Maya is horrified by the news but afterwards sophsticated gets to know that it is a lie and proposes that Rita and Rosesh should get married officially. Download The ‘Lehren App’: Maya finds the mobile and the woman.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sharman, Sahil’s cousin causes his friend’s dad to have a heart attack three days before his wedding. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Indravadan trains with Sahil’s help and finally wins the competition. Maya invites a critic for the play reading. Later she realizes her feelings for Sahil and their marriage gets fixed.


The Sarabhai men can be seen flirting with Sunehri, who not only cleans the house but also cleans them of all their valuables.

Radhabai and Vittal also have troubles with alternate employment. Meanwhile, Indravadan sarzbhai having an affair with a woman who he talks to using a secret mobile. Full Cast and Crew.

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Monisha finds Sahil’s diary and discovers an affair. Retrieved 7 June Rosesh breaks up with Yuyu and returns. Preeta and Karan exchange garlands to get married The Times of India The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with everybody gathered around Monisha trying to bring her back to Indravardhan’s version of songs for Popat Kaka’s Shraddhanjali. After some slip-ups, Maya discovers everything. And this becomes aptly clear when the family decides to hold a competition between the father and the son to see who is the better poet.

Maya wanting to drive first cooks up a story about a sick child to drive the car. The reason for his inattentiveness is a crazy patient, Neelima Verma.