Afterwards, Takeru notices that all the students attend the private Takashiro Academy, so he sends Ryunosuke and Kotoha, posing as a teacher and student respectively, and DaiGoyou to the school to investigate possible Gedoushu activity. A company of Nanashi emerges and Juzo promptly slains them all before they can lay a hand of the humans, leaving to give Takeru time to heal, telling him that he’ll go on a killing spree that it they don’t fight him. With the fight ending in a stalemate as he drys up, Ushirobushi takes his leave as Juzo follows after seeing Takeru not ready for their fight. Later, after Takeru uses his Modikara to ease Ryota as he stands by the sidelines, Ryunosuke is confused when Mako turns him down. Enraged that the dying Shinsa still favored his bride over her, Usuyuki pulled him to her, determined to have him be hers in death. Daikai-Shinkenoh and DaiGoyou battle the enlarged Ayakashi and overwhelm him with their teamwork before using the IkaTenku Buster to destroy him. Taking her to the others when they were in the middle of a card game, the Shinkengers learn that a group of Gedoushu have taken a young hospitalized boy named Tatsuya Sakai hostage within the hospital. While training, Takeru almost hurts Chiaki while remembering Juzo’s words from their last encounter.

Parting ways with the Sakakibara clan, Takeru and his vassals make their way home with a new Origami. While fighting the Nanashi, the Shinkengers are astonished to find high school students interfering with the battle. While this occurs, Doukoku has Shitari demand Dayu’s shamisen from Akumaro. Shinza’s anguished soul, now finally free from its confinement within Dayu’s shamisen, allows Doukoku to arise and invade the mortal realm. Unable to contact the others due to the barrier that Shitari set up around the area, Shinken Blue and Shinken Gold were disarmed as they are unable to fight against the slippery Oinogare with Shitari blasts the two off and sending the Nanashi after them. After Hachounin’s sucker punch nearly kills Mister Brown, Shinken Blue launches the first assault against Hachouchin, and the other Shinkengers follow suit before Hachouchin takes all five down easily. Upon their arrival, Genta stays outside the building with Aya as she eventually reveals it to be a trap. Akumaro is shocked as Juzo reveals that he knew the sword’s true nature the entire time, and he thanks Akumaro for repairing it.

However, Chiaki discovers the Ayakashi’s deception, so he tricks Narisumashi into going after the other Shinkengers at Mt. With the Kajiki Disk in hand, Ryunosuke makes his way to Takeru as the episose vassals came to his aid, using the disk’s power to cure everyone before they change to use the Rekka Daizantou’s Kajiki Five Rings Bullet to kill Yamiororo, destroying him again with the newly formed Kajiki-Shinkenoh.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Narikiri Movie (English Subbed) [480p]

After taking out the Nanashi in blinding speed, Shinken Gold battles Isagitsune and destroys him. The Ayakashi Sunasusuri arrives, attacking people and inducing an insatiable appetite in those hit by his sand. Juzo arrives for his duel with the worn out Takeru, though Genta attempts to reason with him. Vowing to make the Ayakashi pay, Ryunosuke and Mako transform to fight him as the others arrive. The True Samurai Combination [ edit ]. While Shitari worries about the recent events at the Rokumon Junk, he senses a presence and sees that the Kusare Gedoushu are still thriving.


Inspired, Ryunosuke, Chiaki, and Kotoha attempt to be of help to the community, only causing trouble with a kuroko outdoing them at every time. Later, when Mister Brown shinkengsr up with Ryunosuke for his next training session, Ryunosuke tells him that he cannot train Mister Brown anymore and leaves. On the Rokumon Junk, Shitari gains Doukoku’s forgiveness as he gives Dayu the shinoenger of destroying Juzo while Gozunagumo loses his mind from being consumed by Doukoku’s power.

Before Takeru could explain why, Genta arrives late to declare himself a samurai under Takeru. Genta thinks about 177 proposal, which causes Kotoha to feel guilty. The next day, as Uramasa fades away, Takeru tells his former samueai to leave him. After the fight, Chiaki finally accepts being Takeru’s vassal and vows to surpass him in emglish.

Ryunosuke soon suspects that Kotoha’s new friend, Eri Takahashi, is the Gedoushu until she, too, becomes entranced. The Manipulated Academy [ edit ]. Each episode is also titled entirely in kanjiwith furigana readings given for each. Uramasa remains planted upright in the ground as Juzo’s body dissipates. But then, Juzo arrives to personally kill Shinken Red himself, leading to an explosive three-way sword fight with a wounded Mako and Chiaki forced to watch.

The next day, Ryunosuke, drawing from previous experience, suspects that a couple of teachers are Gedoushu in disguise, but is proven wrong when he finds them in a trance just like the students from before.

After attempting to get Juzo to sample his sushi, Genta arrives and fights Shitari and loses to him. After Juzo is driven off in human form, Shitari tells Ushirobushi to resume his mission. Back on the Rokumon Junk, Doukoku awakens and drags Gozunagumo back to the boat as he punishes the Ayakashi for acting behind his back by infusing him with some of his new-found power.

To make matters worse, Juzo shows up, intent on fighting Takeru, right then and there. While Takeru and the other vassals are preparing a surprise birthday party for Kotoha, Genta sees that the Ebi Origami is almost ready to be mobilized. Ryunosuke and Kotoha encounter a young boy who tells them of an ash causing an illness amongst the villagers, making them paranoid and blood-thirsty.

After a few attempts to cut the glue off, the Shinkengers realize that defeating Mochibetori is the only way to separate Ryunosuke and Chiaki. Elsewhere, Ryunosuke in disguise approaches Shintaro to inspire him to perfect the dance, and to make amends for what he feels is leaving his best friend to fight the Gedoushu.

But while Jii provides calligraphy pens as his Otoshidamahe sees a strange Kuroko with a letter bearing the Shiba House crest. This does not sit well with Chiaki, and he ditches training to go hang out with his friends Masato and Kouji.

Instead, they go into a family restaurant where they talk about Jii’s hip until they run into Chiaki’s father Kurando Tani.


The businessman returns with the plans for the restaurant, which would sell only curry. Subned the battle, Genta posts “no more curry” signs on his sushi e;isode, losing all of his new customers, to return to his true passion: He transforms the Ebi Origami into Daikaioh and, with assistance from DaiTenku, destroys Utakasane, freeing all of the souls to return to their bodies.

The group use Tenku-Shinkenoh to fight Sasamatage with Shinken Gold arriving in Daikaioh to quickly destroy the Ayakashi as a young woman witnesses the battle.

Tokufanatic: Samurai sentai shinkenger(completed)

Meanwhile, after having no luck in finding the Ushi Orgami, Kotoha suggests to Takeru and the others to send the Origami to find Hiro who is still inside the Ushi Origami. The Sent Words [ edit ]. The Brides are Spirited Away [ edit ]. Returning after what seemed to be a false detection of an Ayakashi attack on the Gap Sensor, episose Shinkengers find an arrow with a note on it that says “Coming Soon” with Takeru sensing something from before within the house as it starts to haunt him.

The next day as they celebrate his return, though he attempted to control his impulses, DaiGoyou gets into another fight with Genta for not being honest with his feelings.

Dayu senses the conflict, as well as a premonition that Doukoku may soon reawaken. Sentaai the two bury the hatchet, the Shinkengers and DaiGoyou confront Dokurobou and take all the clones with DaiGoyou’s light with the real one being weakened by Shinken Gold before Super Shinken Pink finishes him off.

Akumaro loses the shamisen and escapes, leaving the Shinkengers to fight Doukoku.

As Juzo leaves, the Ayakashi Hitomidama offers his services. As Genta calls Jii about his new attitude, Takeru makes his way to his father’s grave where Juzo finds him. After giving it thought, Chiaki gets an idea and starts to train himself as Takeru undergoes his own training. After defeating a company of Nanashi, Takeru becomes subbsd when his retainer, Hikoma Kusakabe, affectionately called “Jii”, implores him to find his four vassals to fight alongside him, instead of fighting on his own.

By then, a massive explosion of energy from the ceremony destroys the block that separates Earth and Hell, wounding the Shinkengers and Juzo with Dayu barely escaping as Akumaro makes his way to the slit that opens up the way to Hell.

Epjsode, due to his lack of training, Shinken Green is easily defeated by Rokuroneri and his extending arms prior to his friends being attacked before the others arrives to cover their escape.

The Showdown Clash [ edit ]. The Switched Lives [ edit ].

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