According to Arouch, he was undefeated at Auschwitz, though two matches he was forced to fight while recovering from dysentery ended in draws. During the air war over Vietnam, a U. Their fight was so fierce, that at one point, both fighters fell out of the ring. Salamo, his brother Avram, and his father, also worked as stevedores. Retrieved from ” https: On one occasion Arouch lbs claimed to have knocked out a 6ft 6in, lb gipsy fighter in 18 seconds. Sister Julie Karolina Twardowska

Like thousands of other Greek Jews, he and his family and friends were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Topics Second world war. On his second day at Auschwitz Arouch’s first fight was against a Polish Jew, with a senior officer at the camp, one “Hans”, acting as “referee”. Add the first question. Arouch came from a family of fishermen. It’s unclear if he turned professional or not. Spotting a friend when he arrived, Arouch asked: Later he developed a shipping and moving business in Tel Aviv.

Arouch kept winning; fighting two to three times each week. Salamo was removed from the slave labor force and placed into an office at the camp. The movie was based on the true story of Salamo Arouch, a Greek Jew who was sent to Auschwitz during World War II and literally had to fight for his life in boxing matches with other concentration camp inmates. The New York Times. A minor controversy broke out when Salamo’s old friend Jacko Razonclaimed that the movie really told his story, not Arouhc.

First come the SS, our lord and masters. Twenty minutes later, Arouch said he knocked out a 6 foot Czechoslovak inmate with one punch to the stomach. Silber was a German-Jew, born in Dielsdorf, who reportedly had an undefeated moviie boxing record of before the war. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Salamo Arouch

The film follows the early life story of Salamo Arouch, though it takes some artistic liberties including the early introduction of wife Allegra a pseudonym for Marta Yechielwhom Arouch did not actually meet until after the liberation of the camp.

Adopting a traditional style of jabbing and crossing, by he had an unbeaten record with 24 knockouts. Salamo, his brother Avram, and his father, also worked as stevedores.

Asked how he approached his life-or-death battles at Auschwitz, Arouch admitted he felt terrible. A twelve-year-old Jewish boy hides with a family of Catholic peasant farmers to escape the Nazis.

He later won the Greek Middleweight Boxing Championship, and inwon the All-Balkans Middleweight Championship, an achievement he was best known for. Captured along with his family and fiance Allegra in and interned in Auschwitz, Arouch is used by his SS captors as entertainment, forced to box against fellow prisoners.

The fights ended only when one fighter was unable to continue. During the air war over Vietnam, a U. Arouch had his first camp boxing match on his second day in Auschwitz. Full Cast and Crew. Like Arouch, Silber had never lost a fight at the camp; winning over straight.

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LightweightWelterweightMiddleweight. Arouch fought on Wednesday and Sunday evenings in boxing matches at the death camp for the entertainment of Nazi officers. His movje footwork earned him the nickname “The Ballet Dancer”, and before the outbreak of war he was reportedly a member of the Greek Olympic boxing team. From the Streets to the Ring: Retrieved May 4, Topics Second world war.


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Arouch’s brother, Avram, refused to work in the ovens, where he was to remove the gold teeth from those gassed to death; he was shot dead on the spot. Proud and mercurial Dutch football star who developed a fast-moving and fluid style of play. As his family and friends die around him, he has only his love of Allegra and his grim determination to keep her alive.

Arouch said that he boxed two draws at the camp because of dysentery, but salqmo he was winning so much money for the camp commander who bet on him, Arouch and his opponent were both allowed to live. Silber went on to stun Arouch and mogie knock him down. You must be a registered user to saalmo the IMDb rating plugin.

Aide to Rauscher Zofia Saretok Audible Download Audio Books. They married in November and moved to Palestine, where Arouch took part in the war, and the couple settled in the new state of Israel. Salamo Arouch’s wife and four children survive him. Razon was also an inmate at the camp, and was undefeated. Start your free trial.