Rachel May 07, Try the operation again and write here the results. The look of some of the screens has changed somewhat, but the essential elements, with just a little more searching, are still there. A lot easier way to do this upload the video to youtube they’re software automatically fixes orientation …then download it again…. John Aug 14, The latest VLC versions doesn’t work properly. However, it rotated to other videos too and i don’t want to change settings for those. I am very proud to beeing able to help myself instead of having to ask my grown-up sons.

Didn’t think to check back to this site until it already worked. The sides are cropped and the video looks compressed. Once you’ve selected your Clip, it will automatically be imported into the program. I tried it twice and it still turned out that way. I thought your method would apply permanently to the one video which is in the wrong orientation but leave all others alone. When I did what these instructions say, and set the audio to MP3, I got something that plays as desired.

How to rotate and save a video using VLC media player – – Windows Tips & How-tos

Good description of what to do. Rachel May 08, The rotate option will appear first under the video plyer option. Yep double image [though simply rotate option on VLC ok but plays rotated on all other media] so followed Bob’s advice about uploading to Youtube et voila all is now OK and took a lot less time to do.


Click Save to exit settings. By following this detailed steps I was able to convert a video from a friend.

I only wanted to rotate one. Jerry Dec 04, I have an horizontal video to transform to vertical. Tried it for a few days, restarted the computer etc.

Thanks lakonst, without your help, I’d have to give it up… Kind of a steep learning curve on all the capabilities this program offers. Could you please advise what I should do. Launch it once the installation is done. Rone Jul 24, It’s only in the correct orientation when I play through VLC. Download and Install VLC 2. Can I save VLC video mdia explained here after sharpening the image. Ryanne Jun 12, A lot easier way to do this upload the video to youtube they’re software automatically p,ayer orientation …then download it again….

Thanks a lot for your post. I don’t know if you can do that.

rotate video in WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER?

I agree with the commentator who siad: Andrew Mar 09, You can use this software to rotate videos in different angles. Nick Peterson Jun 08, Kayu Nov 17, Latest version had errors and didn’t want to work at all — sent 4 crash reports in 4 tries.

In the converted video, there is audio but Gspot can’t render the video and it won’t play in VLC or other media plaayer.

MOV file that was upside-down. However, it rotated to other videos too and i don’t want to change settings for those. Again, it is important to remember that proper and permanent video manipulation must be done in a viewer that also enables video editing, or in a stand-alone video editing program.


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Top 10 Tools to Rotate Video on Windows PC/Mac Quickly and Freely

I have the same problem with a Nexus 4, doesn’t work. QuickTime Pro is an amazing video rotating tool. Kanhai Dec 09, Incidentally I do now have VLC 2.

And thank you so much! I have the same problem when specifying the output video file type e.

Can’t see the destination file icon like first time, can’t play a different video, I’ve had enough so I’m shutting down. Thank you soo sooo sooo much for this detailed explanation but again i have a doubt! Instead just un-check the “Video transformation filter” we checked in the 9th step.

Hi Lakonst, Thanks for the reply. Exit out of the Preferences menu. Hi there, I just used all the notes you nedia and thank, I was actually able to save my video after I rotated it, unfortunately it did rotate twice deg even if I only did it once.