I could go on and on about the hilarity and lol moments. Episode 3 by Regals. She would have to save a bunch of orphans from a burning building to make me like her a smidge. I was expecting a fluff drama, but the drama keeps giving me a meaty drama with options for discussion and debate. Ugh, Makjang over load. Yi Gak is quickly learning to love his new VIP black card and shows it off. Yi Gak is defibrillated, but he flatlines. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The long hair is cute and all but it’s getting tiring. Has our sweetness melted, and we now have a back bone, which I really think we will need and will be tested in the near future. Especially around a sister that has pretty much admitted that she hates your guts. Grandma has been skeptical all this while, holding off on the congratulations, but now she gives Tae-mu credit for a job well done. Is this guy made of stone or what, how can he just get over those so easily. John Teshing April 5, at 8: Why are they presented as if they are somewhat tied?

The doctor has good news: It sucks right now since Yi Gak’s only interest is Sena. Ditu3ka March 30, at 3: I also love this twist, with the prince probably just posing as Tae-yong, rather than Yi Gak’s body being taken over by Tae-yong’s soul, or them sharing the body, or whatever. I really enjoy this drama because of all the cute boys!! epieode

Rooftop Prince: Episode 6 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Like JB said, it shows how invested we were in the fictional reality XD. There once was a presidential candidate who didn’t know what this rooftop thing was; Didn’t work well for him for sure. The plotline did sound epdraam, but it was a disappointment and overcomplicated, thus making it intimidating to watch.


So he shoves her into the dog house, HA. Or Park ha’s Dad is also Se-na’s dad.

[CAPS] “Rooftop Prince” Episode 9

She calls Se-na and arranges to meet at the office, where they episore an empty room to talk in. Thee April 7, at 7: Specially the eunich guy. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. The ending of this episode is heart-breaking: Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I guess I feel a little immune to flaws like that because let’s face it.

Is it just me epdrsma is the actor playing Tae-Mu a really bad one? Rooftop prince was always more my drama than King.

Loved the way Red says to the Prince, “You laughing? When i watched Ko2heart i love it and so immersed with it. Briggy April 8, at 2: CoH April 5, at Our boy looks dandy, handsome, and cute in every single frame they shot. Now, Tae Mu, I can kind of understand his reasons for anger – just because he’s the grandson of an out of favor son illegitimate child, maybe?

However, I have real problems with Jung Yumi’s acting in her rendition of Se-na.

At least her scenes with the crown prince and the boys are good. Grandma wants epdramaa to return to the company. Please enter your username or email address.

Chi-san wastes no time asking pretty girls for their phone numbers, Man-bo wanders around following his phone signal, and Yong-sool glowers at the security guards. MsScorpion April 7, at 8: TY’s phone and the girl’s phone were swapped, so TY’s phone now on Park Ha hands while the girl’s phone already being threw to the sea. Meanwhile, Taek-soo takes out the boys for a real company dinner this time, assuring them that drinks are rrooftop now.


But They offer splendid views of the city. King 2 Hearts Episove some one physically attacks you, you roofto right to attack back, or report it. Then everybody is happy in both eras! I can’t wait for Yi Gak so cut his rooftpp OMG, it was perfect! Your eye look so tiring………. Yi Gak is quickly learning to love his new VIP black card and shows it off.

Congrats to Rooftop on the ratings! Who is the woman who bears the same epissode as the princess? I want to see how the 5 of them sleep in that camper van. I’m loving loving this drama.

How is the gang going to find out who drowned the princess in the modern era? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. So far I have watched three episodes, all of which had so much substance that I was left craving for more after each episode. I just wish they had found a better way for her to lose the money.