Is it just me.. I was kinda hoping the ratings would be much better but I had no complaints with the first episode. I just wanted a funny time-travel rom-com. Everyone is stunned, having expected unni to be the one married off. The same sisterly resentment builds between the Joseon-era counterparts. Although JGS looked like he was eating Yoona’s face a bit. Thanks for the recaps!

At last we can see the downfall of Sena So yes, I see what you did there. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Park Yoochun Main Cast. I love becky and mimi too! When he’s around other people, he’s posing as Tae-yong, and should therefore speak differently.

TV Rooftop Prince Episode I really really really liked the first episode. The drama kept my attention and had me in suspense. Or maybe it was just the delivery of the lines? I’m guessing that you’ve seen many sageuks. Park-ha then submits her resignation, planping to move out in three days.

The girls are with their dad and mom. Present day young H is with her dad and young S comes with her mom. Thank you for the recap, JB. Rooftop Princethe fusion drama that mashes a half-dozen genres into one and somehow makes it all look appealing.

Yeah, I think having survived living the palace which usually involves scheming and back-stabbing, I think our Joseon F4 is well equipped to handle Tae Mu. In fact some people critic him to be so stiff, blah, blah, blah. The kiss is kinda conservative in modern times but maybe that’s considered a passionate kiss in his time.

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Gisaeng-eunuch-womanizer how is he all those things? March 22, at 5: Two boys pilfer apples and she throws one at them; it flies through the air and knocks him in the head instead. If not, you can always check youtube or dramacrazy! Because Prince will fall for Park Ha and we, viewers, will love her too so it definitely will be difficult to hate someone who looks exactly the same.


Please, please recap King to hearts too. I was going to watch this drama no matter what, so this is just icing on my Chunnie cake. I’m also glad that Yi Gak has become more of an “equal” with them, they still refer to him as King, but the way he interacts with them is not so “i’m king so listen to what I say” as before.

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Korean names continue to be the bane of recapping a kdrama series for me. Thank god for viki. Now I’m hopeful for King 2 Hearts, which was at 1 percent. S is getting scolded for not coming earlier to the funeral. I’m not interested in ratings, epidode not always coincide with my tastes. I liked the energy. Swye April 26, at 7: I remember my days at mysoju The man orders it for her.

Remember, though, the Prince requested that the Crown Princess be thoroughly wrapped and hidden before she was removed from the water. I lived in a cave, rofl.

I mean there is jeolousy — and then there is making a conscious choice of abandoning a 9 year old and turning ur back at her when she is calling for you for help…. It wouldn’t necessarily be a concept used to make everything tie in because, she would have kept it a secret and Tae Mu is introduced now for you to realize that their may have been a Tae Mu in the past as well.

Han Ji Min Main Cast. He was wiping his own prints off the cousin so there would be no proof that he was ever there, when and if the body of his cousin the prince was recovered, as well as the boat being found. That’s gold, right there!! I imagine PDA was not the rule years ago, so for him to feel strongly enough to kiss her backlit by sodium vapour lights on the top of the building seems pretty bold.


Except they go to the pond every year. Prev 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Next Page 55 of So there was no kissing during Joseon times? We saw several scenes where Park Ha was embroidering a rose, the butterfly, etc. Not knowing that he found her goodbye letter pdince her overnight trip was about the job, not a permanent departurePark-ha is puzzled at his strong reaction.

That’s a total of 4x in one episode.

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Download the latest version here. Maybe it’s just me speculating. I would imagine kissing in a public place that is, any place that’s not the bedroom to be hard enough for a person who came from Joseon? This episode brought back some of my excitement, because everything is moving forward and changing. According to first episode I’d say prnice more likely Princess would be the one poisoning, not being poisoned: However, as the time-traveling is added, the way the drama portraits the story is quite fresh.

If we follow the rule on reincarnation or dramaceazy incidents in the past, would’ve this detail been identical too? When Yi Gak’s gone, it’ll be so sad for both of them H asks if the men are crazy. But what would he do when he get back to joseon era n found out its actually the Crown Princess’s sister that poison dranacrazy.

Arrows fly through the air and almost hits G. MsScorpion March 24, at 4: