I said dont take the call. She stole the Crown Princess job two times, too! T says G will be ok. Because I’m a bit confused from the back and forth, but I’ll watch and catch up later! A eunuch arrives and delivers bad news. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Wow yeah, I’ll assume it was easier to follow watching. I missed micky on dramas sice ms replay and my all time favorite sungkunkwan scandal. Tempers rise and Tae-yong pushes his hyung in frustration, who punches him back… and sends him over the rail and into the water, hitting his head on the way. H says I dont know unni. Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast. Btw, doesn’t Lee Tae Sung look and sound all grown up? But we can see how profesional he is and he always do the best he can, all out.

Rooftop Prince seems to be a cliche that contains feelings of love, jealousy, and ambition.

Can someone please answer these questions for me. C says I found out where that person is. Thinking that his heart still full of sadness, he has to make a rom-com drama and make us laugh.

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Lol, don’t get me wrong. But thing happened before the funeral! I was going to watch this drama no matter what, so this is just icing on my Chunnie cake. They jump the cliff and the four of them fly off their horses and through the air as the moon gets swallowed up in darkness by an eclipse.


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In the past, younger sister is getting dressed up but the mom wants another outfit. They say what would be the reason to murder the orince princess. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

The man orders it for her. They seem less like star-crossed lovers, and more like two people that are intrigued by each other, and have been brought together by a very very! I’m watching it right now!

Episode is up on Kimchi Drama and last night I washed them both. The royal decree is issued to begin the search for young ladies to present as potential princess-brides. Yes, this premise is cracked. Now the trio is gathered, cleaned up, and dressed in what will become their trademark colors — woot, Voltron complete. Again, maybe me speculating Episode 9 by Sunny. Also Drmacrazy skews towards a younger audience that will likely watch online rather than on terrestrial television.

It made me giggle.

Rooftop Prince

S says -what about my sister. The family corporation is run by Grandma, and both their fathers also work there. OK I did not understand much of what was said in the second ep.

March 23, at I really liked the budding romance between the prince and Buyong probably will keep liking it more than the present day one. Memories specially good ones.

Hope he will have funny stuff to play spicy dialogues, bromance and all. When Softy and I first discussed this drama I told her that I wanted to do it, but warned her that even though I adored SKKS, I thought that Mickey Yoochun was a bit stiff he was probably also just terrified to be starring in his first role. I wasn’t too sure I understood how little back of the truck sis ended up in NYC, but that was explained later. G asks what are those lights. The time-skipping actually helps move the story along briskly, because it allows us to get to the meat of each scene without lingering too long in aftermath.


The horses land safely down below, but bearing no riders — the guys are nowhere in sight. Wow yeah, I’ll assume it was easier to follow watching.

Ivoire March 21, at 8: There are people there already. JadeL March 22, at 8: Why here, why now? Are you a thief.

She screams lrince help, but Se-na turns her back. Thanks for the recap!! He was raised as a eunuch to serve in the palace, but was kicked out for being too friendly with the court lades. Guards take their post. Can’t wait for the hilarity to ensue in the next episodes! It suits him nicely.