By purchasing this upgrade, Wonderbot will help Rodney collect scrap. You encounter a brute bot just inside the tunnel. Otherwise they’re the same. He want 10 Gold Scrap to let you past so you’ll need to collect some. Talk to the bot there. Retrieved January 22, Destroy these to get the scrap from inside them. You can get some scrap by riding the moving platform to either side on the spring pad.

This platform goes up high enough so that you can glide to the ledge against the opposite wall easily. Jump to disengage the magnogrip. This is the cut scene between the sixth and seventh chapters. Take to bottom one first. Game screen Health meter: Stomp the ground switch by the acid to move the platforms above. There’s also an obtain to continue without saving if you want to attempt the game in one sitting, good luck on that. If you have the Refine-O-Max upgrade the value of the scrap is doubled.

There’s an opening in the floor in the center of the room which drops onto a spring pad surrounded by Frogbots. Jump to the platform and then to the catwalk. Use mvie magnobeam to move the can onto the red portion of the lift. Cross the moving block to west and release over the platform at the end.

Deal with the two Brute Bots in the hall.

Stomp the switch here to turn on a fan. This consists of four touch pads which have four settings each. Add to watch list Unwatch.

You’ll need to start moving toward the platform as son as you start going up from the spring. Area exit door s?: Shoot the bazooka bot in the distance when you get to the switch. In the trench there are to spiked bumper cars. Thanks for pointing out the error in one of the trick descriptions as well. See other items More Also nearby items, such as collectibles, are displayed on it.


There locations are indicated by the white dots on wonverbot map on the HUD. There a full heal in the southwest corner if you need it. Double jump to the green area when you’re close enough.

If you get killed by the security bots here you restart at this save point at full health. Concept Art Purchase from a vending machine in the Outmode Zone. Use the zip line to get to the large platform and jump across the two platform to the east and on to the ledge. Deal with the Buzz Saw Bot and avoid more flames. Learn more – opens in new window or tab. Wondefbot the spring pad to get up the next level of catwalk. The electro shot is capable of taking out most enemies with a short burst.

The shield wondderbot them from frontal attacks so get behind them and hit them four time with the wrench. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or mofie and request a shipping method to your location.

Double jump to it and double jump to the far side. If you want to replace the entire chapter you’ll need to do it in one sitting as reloading will begin at wonnderbot beginning of the chapter.

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Beside it is your stockpile of scrap. Follow the path counterclockwise jumping over the wondwrbot, avoiding the flame and dealing with the two Buzz Saw Bots. The 18th line of scrap at the fork has a full heal second from the left, get it at backtrack to the left fork.

Robo-Glide This upgrade allows you to jump further by grabbing onto the Wonderbot. Spare Parts These look like coffee mugs with antennae. Word of Rodney’s mechanical prowess spreads, and he is hailed as a local hero after he and the Rusties fix outmodes throughout the neighbourhood, although they are eventually unable to cope with the demand due to the spare part shortage.


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Scrap is used to purchase the items. Wonderbt Gun and Shield Bot is best dealt with from behind with four hits from the wrench.

Golden Scrap A special currency for purchasing important plot relates items and services. Claw and Shield Bots Watch out for the serrated edge on the shield which allows it to be used as a second weapon.

Maxi-Scrap Upgrade your scrap capacity to with this purchase. Double jump to the platform to the east with a full heal and then further east to deal with another spiked top robot.

Continue down the tunnel and drop into the starting room at the end. Wpnderbot The Sierra Chest.

Open the door and snipe the 3 Top Bots from the door. Game Complete Clip Unlocked after defeating Robogs. This bot is immune to the magnobeam and the electro shot. Talk to the Mailbot at the east end of the street. It takes less time to brute force the combination.

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Follow the path south then east. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Deal with them and go down the tunnel to the north. Usually these are blueprint pieces for the creation of a new weapon or special move, but it can be many other things also, like tools of Tim’s toolkit, cargo on the City Raceway, or even Fender’s head.

Health can be purchased at any vending machine, but also lays around within the game levels. Cannons Shoot these quickly with the scrap launcher when they’re taking aim.