Wang Yu finds out that Sungnyang was the one to help and decides to not see her again. Suk-hyun has a heart attack during his press conference and dies. Il-joo and Eun-soo rush to find the purse. Yunju’s father comes to visit her at Jagyong’s house unannounced. Bayan Hudu becomes the new empress and Nyang continues the search for the secret funds. Wangyu asks Nyang if she wants to be his Queen once he goes back to Koryo.

Suk-hyun has an episode and roams around the city looking for Eun-soo. Eun-soo finds Il-joo in Mi-rae’s hospital room. Stream all 22 Revenge season 1 episodes free on TVRaven. The Empress orders Sungnyang to feed Lady Pak a powder that will cause her a miscarriage. The King of Koryo finds out that Sungnyang is a woman and tires to protect her from Tangqishi. Check my site out, download top 40 , download ncis los angeles so5 e21, two and a half men s11e19 download,. Wangyu meets with the Dowager and wins her trust. WangYu receives permission from the Regent to return to Koguryo to visit his “sick” father.

Dub Kuno’s House of Gadgets! Suk-hyun finds out the truth about the mysterious caller and asks Eun-soo to return as his secretary. Suk-hyun warns Hyung-woo to stay away from Il-joo. Nyang keeps the Emperor locked up in her room so that no one will know that he is awake.


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Nyang finally finds out about the secret funds El Temur has been collecting. The Dowager kills herself in front of Nyang by drinking poison. Hyung-woo comes clean to Eun-soo at their hometown. Group Members Writing Forum. Hyung-woo shows up at Eun-soo house injured.

Young-ae onlibe Soo-myung have Suk-hyun’s lunch poisoned.

Wangyu asks Nyang if she wants to be his Queen once he goes back to Koryo. Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. Add to My Shows. Eun-soo comes clean to Suk-hyun about the original papers. Suk-hyun holds a farewell party for Hyung-woo and Eun-soo. Suk-hyun finds Hyung-woo gathering information on the slush funds.

Nyang is trying to find out about the Eagle House and confiscate their assets. If you mistyped your email address change it here. Il-joo tells Suk-hyun about Hyung-woo’s plan. Il-joo overhears a conversation her father has during his hallucination. Hyung-woo and Eun-soo are trapped in a container and dumped in the ocean. Suk-hyun starts to feel suspicious of Eun-soo.

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Eun-soo becomes Suk-hyun’s secretary and obtains the ledger. Made with in San Francisco. Nyang is found by Bayan in Liaoyang province while she is being sold as a slave. Trail of Blood Trail of Blood hot.


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Is Netflix, Amazon, Fandor, etc. Wang Yu continues to find who is waatch the counterfeit money. Shampoo fixes “lunch with love” for Ranma but what he finds inside the lunchbox is P-chan! Verification code check your email for the verification code. I do not know, since, everyone has their own taste that is so particular to a genre, that I.

Moo-hyuk comforts Il-joo after being humiliated by Eun-soo. After Nyang recovered the talisman and rdvenge the curse, El Temur begins to have nightmares.

Watch The Flash S01E I shall come take your life. The Empress orders Sungnyang to feed Lady Pak a powder that will cause her a miscarriage. Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv.

Suk-hyun finds wztch that his illness has progressed. Il-joo covers for her brother and the Jin family regarding the altered books. In return, Eun-soo agrees to give up Hyung-woo. Eun-soo asks Suk-hyun to have Mr.