I’m trying to figure out where in my Top Ten list Answer Me belongs. We already know the next episode is called why first love doesn’t work or something like that. The moments happens through life, the ending is well I look forward to rewatching this episode with a greater sense of understanding. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Makes it a sensible joy to watch. So, you never know!

TA September 14, at 6: It’s a shame that we expect the world to teach us lessons, looking outside the home for wisdom when in fact our families are best positioned to educate us. Chilbong has remained respectful of his position, and could only be accused of liking Na Jeong too much, and maybe being creepy.. I missed quite a bit of info from the Chinese sub which I am glad to have uploaded as it was blocked from my region soon after. But I guess I was supposed to suspend all judgement because I love the drama? I completely agree with you. Crying over your comments, GF!

Everything good was always given to the older son, never to the younger Uncle. Everyone gets to be happy. I was so happy I understood simple parts like And that leads us to why Taewoong said both to Shiwon and Yoon Jae that he reserved a room under his name.

I wouldnt have enjoyed it so much if not for the recaps dramabeans have churned out so faithfully Why would you say something so scary?


Shi-won, downing a giant beer with her coworkers. Thanks for the recommendation. I feel like he’s going to be the one that gives up first, because he seems too scared when Chilbong is around.


I never made the connection between Taewoong with his shirt the other way around, breathing heavily, going to Yoonjae first. Thank you for writing! But when push came to shove, his love for Yoon-jae eclipsed his love for Shi-won. Tae-woong made a fair statement and I was on board. Just wonderful detailing and superb writing.

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Maybe the rings ARE a couple ring. That truth was unequivocally demonstrated this week. I must have cried buckets. And the bookshelf has baseball books and medical books.

I can’t believe how much I loved this show and how much it made me miss my own 90s and also hardcore fan girl days. Makes me love them more: I just passed the eoisode where Trash tells Haitai that he has feelings for Na Jung, but at this point he’s taking too long and now I’m rooting Chilbong. They both ended up with careers in civil service.

Truly they are in completely epdrrama leagues. Because doing that to be noble does no one any good. Tae woong didn’t actually say daughter of his teacher, he said daughter of the person I respected the most, Epdfama suppose he already decided to set yoon jae and shiwon up and go for the mat-seon he planned. I sincerely want to marry her. Yes, this ep felt different from all the other episodes but man, the brotherly love aspect just melts my heart.

Yoon-jae drops Shi-won off at home, and he climbs out after her I just love that he has to use the passenger door to get out. Shin So Yul Main Cast.

He asks who it is, but Yoo-jung just glosses over it. Thank you for joining us! He gets a text from Shi-won: I also liked seeing the differences in the way she treated the two brothers….


Geeme Koon February 7, at 2: Why can’t all dramas be like you??? He didn’t see that YJ was in love with SW. It became my number one drama of all time. Can I guess that Yoon-jae will be included??? And it brought me back to the time I first knew of them. Can’t wait to see it. Need to rewatch it and see if from that touching perspective.

I feel the same way!

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I think you best summed it up with ‘unexpected ways,’ which I think is what ultimately I found lacking in the finale. I 19997 not going to go back and forth with you over my opinion, which I have explained.

Just going to casually drop in how the official twitter of the show mentioned Jaejoong after the last episode aired: Lee September 14, at 9: The last two episodes lost some spark but 197 goodwill this show has built up all series long definitely helps offset it. I keep thinking we will get some answer, but it’s just a bunch of silent pain.