Maybe it’s me; I really really like movies about extremely intelligent, exceptionally capable people facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. Maybe that’s where the good parts of Khurafat came from. I was too hungry munching on the finger foods to even care about her, ’cause a brother’s gotta eat. Secret of the Unicorn , and perhaps even a few movies with concise titles. Too bad that this impressive animation didn’t get that much love from filmgoers both locally and overseas at the moment. Even as they bring in Pak Jamal Kuswadinata to provide supernatural aid, the toyol’s Nur Allisyah Aqilah visitations grow more dangerous and violent – but it seems to have a mysterious affinity for Sutera and her family.

Tukang Masak Amirah Azmi Great Day My rating: There are chapter titles, comicbook sound effects “Kapow! So you’d think Schut’s script ought to be pretty fantastic if producers were fighting each other to buy it. But I can’t find it in me to give it even an extra half-star for this, because a somewhat-clever twist ending alone does not a good movie make. The Tourist My rating:

Dialog yang tak pernah disebut oleh manusia sebenar di dunia ini. One is the chattering teenagers in rrembat cinema, which really isn’t the movie’s fault; and the other is the cartoony CGI Abby, which kinda is.

Rembat just duit movie tavern

Which would be an entirely appropriate theme to play out against the backdrop of a toyol movie. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Dukt are tracking down her former lover, an international fugitive named Alexander Pearce – who makes contact with her, and tells her to take a train to Venice and pick a random man to distract the police.

In an era where CGI rules, this is one of the few studios that still honour the old-school and alternate way of making animated films, which I think was made super popular by Henry Selick coincidentally the director of Coraline and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas He’s also a moronically passive protagonist who hardly does anything to solve his hantu problem.

Tapi, bukan poster biasa; pre-teaser poster dia. For some reason, Uncle Lim thinks he has breast cancer, which is played for laughs – until he sees a doctor moie it, and then it’s never made clear whether he actually has it or not.


Jika anda berada didalam Van Jenazah yang ditimpa kemalangan jalanraya, apa anda akan buat? A series of inexplicable events lead Kristi and Ali to believe the house is haunted, but Dan remains skeptical; when their housekeeper Martine Vivis Cortez performs a ritual to ward off evil spirits, Dan fires her. fere

Aku nak kau jelaskan kepada aku, kenapa Sofea tetiba putus hubungan dengan Firdaus. I’m mentioning all this because, judging by his latest movie, Cage might not be Cage for much longer. Posted by TMBF at 7: I know this is supposed to be a blog dedicated to reviewing films and other things.

Pembunuh 1 Sam Chong I would’ve loved to end this review by saying the American moviegoers’ loss is our gain – but sadly, it’s our loss too. Subscribe To Me Posts Atom. I was too hungry munching on the finger foods to even care about her, ’cause a brother’s gotta eat.

Which is a sad state of affairs, and reflective of bigger problems within our fyll, frankly. It is both creators’ knack for finding a beloved subject matter and poking fun at it with intelligence, incisiveness, and genuine affection, that makes Wright the perfect man to adapt Scott Pilgrim for the big screen, much more so than any other director who professes to love comicbooks.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. And then there’s his portrayal of Remnat, who is just insanely stupid and pathetic. Vivian Tok and Gan Jiang Han play very different characters than the ones they essayed in Chiu’s previous film; Tok especially is very good, proving equally adept at drama as she is at comedy.

Anyway, that exorcism is a bit of a head-scratcher; you’d think it’d be relevant to the storyline later on, but it isn’t. And there are so many dramatic conflicts raised, but not explored or paid off; nothing is done regarding Feng Jiao’s divorce, or Uncle Lim’s disapproval of Ah Di, or even the subplot of Ah Hock and his mother. Ah Loong Ashraf Modee Zain Search for ” Rembat ” on Amazon. Here’s hoping his next will be truly great. Which makes this my second Wan Hasliza movie in a row that’s spoiled by poor technical quality.


Dan korang nak tunjukkan keindahan dan keagungan agama Islam pun tak berkesan. If there are story avenues yet to be explored, or questions yet to be answered. I’ve talked about grading them on a curve – judging them on a different, and admittedly lowerbenchmark freee other films – and whether or not that’s fair.

Serius giler I kid you not, the movie ends with a voice-over lecture exhorting “ingatlah wahai isteri-isteri yang sejati”, turning the whole film into a kursus agama anjuran JAIS.

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Nevertheless, I can’t believe what I’ve just experienced yesterday. The newcomers were also terrific, and yes, Lim Yew Beng especially so; he’s got all of Uncle Lim’s long-suffering years on his weatherbeaten face. It is the 14th century. What are his passions, his pet themes and messages; iust does he really want to tell the world? This time around, I’m giving a throwback of me saying things about what happened that I think matters to me: Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Dan adakah filem ini merupakan kali pertama Farid Kamil memainkan watak jahat?

It’s almost as if being an actor in this movie got him more emotionally involved than he usually is, and finally made him give a damn in directing it. In fact, now that I think about it, the entire storyline is ripped off of a certain mpvie Asian horror movie from the movif decade.

It’s the same old creepy long-haired icky-complexioned female ghost-type scares – well-staged, but seen a dozen times before. Such as this one. Edit Did You Know?