No laughs and nothing hokey, which is what I expected. Seems like I’m in a minority enjoying this one! Yes, there were credibility problems with the story but overall, it was good escapist adventure. Reign Of Fire – English. AG] dragao17 download 0 Portuguese subtitle Reign. Randall Carlton Burke Tito. It shows the very human struggle to survive after they’ve been knocked from the top of the food chain. Ben Thornton Young Quinn.

Giving a scientific edge to a creature based in fantasy, this film proved to be a rather refreshing step in science fiction, which means it won’t be a well received one. Other than that, it’s a deeply entertaining, well-acted, suspenseful film. It’s not about Dragons setting the world, quite literally, on fire. I thought the much maligned McConaughey’s role not without interest. Production Roger Birnbaum Producer. You could do a whole lot worse, especially with two young actors who have arrived as stars: An enjoyable B-movie if you don’t use your brain.

Now to get this straight, this is a film about Humans, not about Dragons.

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The effects were great and the Dragons do look enng realistic, to the point I almost believed this was a documentary. If you were to actually record the amount of dragon “screen time” I doubt it would be 18 minutes I thought the much maligned McConaughey’s role not without interest.

The script had its moments but the production work and set-design were simply awesome The dragons merely supply the unique reason for the apocalypse. SO good in fact, sbutitles rest of the film really didn’t matter!


It’s about after all that’s happened. Christian Bale Quinn Abercromby.

Definitely an original take on Man vs Dragon. AG] dragao17 download 0 Portuguese subtitle Reign. Worth seeing if one is prepared to watch it in the spirit that it was made. To download all our subtitles, click on 1. Which is a shame this was advertised as a film about Dragons burning all life as we know it. Writing Gregg Shabot Writer. I would never have recognised her. Reign of Fire trailer. A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting fire to everything, establishing dominance over the planet.

Of course, everyone goes in expecting to see 90 minutes of Dragons destroying everything. They played it straight, simply as a fight story between the two parties.

Still haven’t worked out whether or not “Mad Matt” was supposed to be some hybrid creation – part Patton, part Maximus, part Captain Ahab or just all “grunt.

Alice Krige Karen Abercromby. Bowman, a former television director proves he can do just as well with a 50 million dollar budget? This was a bit different than one expected. Don’t knock it before you see it for yourself. Curiously, that aspect alone should have wrecked it for me Buena Vista Distribution Compa Company: It’s not about skies full of Dragons turning worldwide armed forces into ash on an epic scale. Randall Carlton Burke Tito.


If this had been advertised as a more human film about after these Dragons have completely wasted everything, I really think this could’ve been seen as a good film.

Silly but entertaining b-grade post-apocalyptic thriller. Sure, it was cheesy and low budget, but the indomitable Rob Bowman didn’t pull any punches in this futuristic drama about xxvid.

I wouldn’t buy it, but I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a night of adventure on film.

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Totally shattered an illusion I have maintained of her. The dragon fx were just so-so, they saved the best for last sensibly. Reign of Fire Reign Of Fire – English. Yes, in this future dragons are subtihles and have devastated the world, and only a handful of human survivors exist.

Subtitles for Reign of Fire

Directing Rob Bowman Director. Their bipolar dynamic was especially excellent, creating tension not just reigm beliefs but also in culture and devotion to country.

The usual quota of “surface reviews” here. I love this film.