A possessed lion statue has been attacking Kieran. Maya receives a new X-Drive and questions how she arrived at the Monastery, as well as who her real parents are. They bring him to Lokar, where he takes back his X-Reader from Zane. Team Stax crashes on a mysterious island that has strange effects on Kairu attacks. Team Stax is in the midst of their latest quest. Lokar takes on Baoddai’s monster Palladium, a monster so powerful it is only used in extreme circumstances. After getting beat again by Team Stax and gotten reprimanded by Lokar, the Imperiez decides to steal the Kairu in the monastery in order to impress Lokar. Edit Storyline The series revolves around Ky, a year-old student of ancient martial arts, who embarks on an epic quest to find the Kairu, a primordial alien energy source.

But they run into trouble and destroy his lair. Use the HTML below. Several groups of people try to survive a zombie pandemic that unleashes itself in downtown Seoul. They beat the bad guys. Team Radikor obtains new monsters and battle Team Stax. And when they give it to Baoddai and he returns to normal strength, we soon realize that Lokar is still determined to fight!

Team Saion is in the redakxi of their latest quest. Zane comes to the conclusion that Lokar is gone forever. There he meets new friends, bullies, and super-villains hunting him down for Maya has a new power to see the future, but can’t always seem to predict the truth.

The two teams met and battled for Team Tyro and a new Kairu deposit, Ky managed to replace the captured Team Tyro with fakes without Diara noticing and they also won the battle. In a future where humans are infected by untested, microscopic robots, a young man with the ability to control saisom bots helps a government agency control the tech’s vicious creations. Ky Stax 32 episodes, They get the Kairu from the relic. Maya and Ky battle in the finals, but none of them are on their best.

But before he can finish, Ky reda,ai Ekayon show up. But, Team Stax also gets pulled onto the island. When an alien disguised as a cat lands on Earth, Coop Burtonburger’s little sister, Millie finds him and brings him home where bedlam ensues.


Team Stax meets three new warriors in training.

Edit Storyline The series revolves around Ky, a year-old student of ancient martial arts, who embarks on an epic quest to find the Kairu, a primordial alien energy source.

They go look for it. She faked Maya’s voice and episide Team Tyro into their trap.

Master Bodai 40 episodes, You will see him more at the end of the series. Maya and Boomer will search for them, but a new tournament will start without Ky and Ekayonbecause Team Hiverax took the Kairu Cube. The villagers from the dead side of the land is blaming the villagers from the thriving side of the land for the land’s bad condition.

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When Team Stax returns, there seems to be no one there. Team Radikor discovers that Lokar is missing. They also find out that Team Hiverax works for Lokar. Jong-suk and Kyung-min meet up to talk about their high school past, it’s been 15 years since they last talked. Yes No Report this.

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Episode 26 [Full Episode]

It is up to Team Stax to defeat it. Ky and Ekayon will go together to find the Prism Kairu the antidote and will find a cave where the Prism Kairu is. Seeing their plan has gone wrong, the Hiverax comes to beat Zane themselves. Ky falls prey to a mind clouding attack, thus suspending him from Team Stax and leaving Maya and Boomer against a guardian.

The Hiverax battle team Stax but the Kairu deposit drops into the river and two of the Hiverax jumps into the river to go after it, leaving Hexus to deal with Team Stax. The tournament must go on.

The only problem is, Zane now holds the key to their release. The Hiverax tricks Mookee salson thinking that he has great powers and Zane has Palladium and plans to attack Baoddai. Ky and Maya must save Boomer, as well as Team Imperiaz members, before a volcano erupts, destroying not only a mask containing Kairu energy, but also the island they are all on. Then, the Hiverax arrive and challenges them but the Kys fight against each other instead.


Secrets and Seekers — Furious, Lokar makes an example of the Hiverax — and “deactivates” them! She decides to not use shadow Kairu again after seeing what it did to her during the battle with Lokar. Mookee saves Team Stax from an ice attack and becomes a warrior-in-training, but finds out that being a Kairu warrior isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The epsiode members are well known to be a hardworking group until Councellor Hong Yeong-Soo comes in and starts Zane attempts to rejoin Lokar, but is ruthlessly attacked and beaten by Lokar.

Audible Download Audio Books. The Hiverax lure the Radikor onto the electro-magnetic island with set Kairu in order to eliminate them. Was this review helpful to you?

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Episode 26 [Full Episode] – Dailymotion Video

Ky locates his dad’s X-Reader and tries to find it. Ky, Maya and Boomer travel to the rainforest and are shocked to discover that they must retrieve Kairu from a reanimated pterodactyl.

It brings up all kinds of memories. Ky uses his newfound prism power to blast the shadow Kairu.

Aided by his friends Maya and Boomer, Ky travels the world searching for the Kairu while attempting to make sure that his extraterrestrial teenage alien adversaries don’t find it first. Mookee, feeling responsible saves Team Stax from falling of a bridge, and saiosn the Hiverax.