The crew test the device, but as it only allows Starbug to travel through time, not space, it is of no use at the moment; however, if a faster-than-light drive can be found, then the time machine will allow them to travel to any time and place they desire. Starbug is travelling through a rather uninteresting region of space and the crew are bored and begin to nitpick at petty areas of their lives. Lister is desperate to see what’s happened to him and rigs a camera to see what’s going on, and each of the crew is dismayed to see what they have become. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The future crew board, but everyone except Kryten is sealed in the hold to prevent them from meeting their future counterparts. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. PaRappa the Rapper – Teaser.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Retrieved 12 December In order to fix it, they need to copy components from the time drive aboard the present Starbug. PaRappa the Rapper – Teaser. They all soon died, and their last act was to pilot the ship into deep space and generate the mine-field to drive off looters. Views Read Edit View history.

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Red Dwarf – Super scanner. I also rather dislike the way that the clones openly and unironically embrace Rimmer’s worst characteristics, which reminds me unpleasantly of Rimmer’s admissions of being a “coward” and a “bureaucratic nincompoop” in earlier episodes of the series. This episode goes even further than ever in emphasising the idea of holograms as “electronic life forms” rather than computer simulations of people, something which seems to connect to, for instance, the fact that Rimmer was judged like a living man in “Justice” and “The Inquisitor”.

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I think the reason might be because it’s a TV show. The others escape using a hand-held matter transporter which Kryten has found. Goofs Rimmer asks how they did escape from the Simulant ship, to which Kryton replies “the teleporter”, but that is not correct; they initially tried the teleporter, then teleported back to the Simulant ship and escaped in Starbug.

They learn the derelict ship’s crew contracted an influenza virus in the 20th century, years before the ship’s origin. Posted by Robanes at 9: Married at First Sight. Rimmer abandons ship to save himself from destruction, but his betrayal of the crew backfires with dwarff results. The idea never materialised as an episode in its own right but wound up as part of the plot here.


Rimmer decides to conduct a “morale meeting” and appoints himself “morale officer”.

Red Dwarf Season 06 Episode 05 – Rimmer World – video dailymotion

Things are grim aboard Starbugas the crew have now lost all trace of Red Dwarf. Rimmer’s “What the hell, I just wouldn’t tell her” is good, but the longer version of the speech, found in the deleted scenes, in which he talks about Alexander the Great crying and says “if it’s okay for Big Al to cry, then it’s okay for me” before falling to his knees weeping is a funny bit that should have been retained.

La La Land 6. They arrive on Rimmerworld only to be promptly captured and thrown into Rimmer’s dungeon by power-hungry Rimmer-clones, who consider anything un-Rimmer like—charm, bravery, intelligence, and the like—to be a crime.

Elizabeth Hickling as actress and model. The crew test the device, but as it only allows Starbug to travel through time, not space, it is of no use at the moment; however, if a faster-than-light drive can be found, then the time machine will allow them to travel to any time and place they desire.

The rest of the crew discuss the bleak lives they’re now leading, but the conversation is stopped when Starbug flies into a region of space populated by unreality pockets, a security measure around a top-secret Space Corps test ship. Rimmer’s pod, discovered to be looted and on auto-pilot, heads straight for the closest S3 planet, on the other side of a wormholeand when it arrives Rimmer decides to use the terraforming equipment to create a paradise.

In general, “Rimmerworld” is ultimately a pretty funny episode, although it has a few fairly dry spots, especially in the simulant ship, but like “Emohawk” it fpisode like it’s rushing through a bunch of different ideas without giving any of them sufficient time. Rimmer shows uncharacteristic bravery by urging they fight, stating “Better dead than smeg ” and the rest of the crew agree.

Out of Time (Red Dwarf) – Wikipedia

The episode’s set and location work is good, including the “paradisal” appearance of Rex planet after terraforming although the simulant ship set would very obviously pull double duty for the interior of Starbug in other episodes, particularly the climax of “Out of Time”.


Perhaps you could blame it on hologram Rimmer’s influence on the society, but it’s all so rushed that it’s not clear. Romancing SaGa 2 – Trailer.

But Rimmer, who has been diagnosed of a tense nervous disorder, escapes on-board a escape pod which has no steering.

And is whisked away through a time-hole, rwarf to find sezson on a planet inhabited by clones of his own self. Of course he saves the day by surfing on a crocodile’s back in mid-air.

Episodes I have seen in Back to Earth 3-parter. Kryten then informs everyone that Red Dwarf’ s vapour trail has been relocated and the crew then toast their good fortune with some margarita. Retrieved 1 February However, Lister is not alone.

Best Red Dwarf eps. I also like his description of how they’d be forced to attack in the disintegrating simulant ship: Retrieved 25 January An escape pod containing a genetically engineered virus that eats metal arrives on Red Dwarf and begins to destroy the ship.

Red Dwarf Season 06 Episode 05 – Rimmer World

Meanwhile, the crew decides to replenish supplies by looting the simulant ship they shot down a few weeks prior. It was suspended due to the Dunblane massacrewhen it was feared that the gun-toting simulant at the start of the episode, and other references to a “psychotic deranged ruthless killer”, could be thought to parallel the real-life tragedy, and thus be considered offensive.

I suppose you could say that Rimmer’s use of the escape pod and creation of the world made in his image is ultimately the result of his stress condition, but it’s not entirely clear how it completes the story of his medical situation. Kryten prescribes several measures for him to prevent an electronic aneurysm. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Archived from the dwaarf on 7 January Written by Daniel Williamson. Rimmerworls is abducted by holograms of superior intelligence, away to a space vessel which is itself hologrammatic, where Rimmer has a physical presence and Although things start off well, the more advanced future Starbug causes massive damage, killing Lister, Cat, and Kryten in explosions in the cockpit.