In this case, “seasoning” doesn’t mean adding salt and pepper to taste, seasoning cast iron refers to the process of cooking oil into the surface of pan, giving it natural non-stick properties. I know it takes some getting used to — we’re taught that everything needs to be washed with soap to get clean, but in order to preserve your seasoning , which is the magic holy grail of cast iron skillet cooking, you can’t rub any harsh chemicals onto it. She would show me how to clean those pans up to where they looked brand new. Of course you have to use a hot pad or rag to hold them. Then you’ll want to go over it with steel wool to remove any dirt remaining. This article does not have the information I am looking for.

Keep in mind, you want the pores of the pan to open because that is how the oil will get down into the pan. Of course you have to use a hot pad or rag to hold them. Which isn’t a huge deal, but means you need to wash the thing and go to the trouble of re-seasoning it. Then, reheat the pan and apply a fine coating of shorting, oil, or Pam. First, you start a fire outside. It will eat the aluminum! Be sure to clean the backside of the pan and the handle as well.

Then I carefully move it over to a cool burner. I say this because it will cause bubbles on your pan if it is left to stand. I even go so far as to not use a sponge. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection while doing this!! Then scrub the piece recondigioning dish detergent and hot water before seasoning.

I use acst brass brush purchased at a super market, or my favorite, a brass brush I purchased at Rite Aid Pharmacy in their automotive counter. However, be sure your oven is clean before doing this and if at any time you get nervous because of the smoke, turn the oven off and remove the pan.

Restoring Cast Iron: 7 Steps That Will Absolutely Work

To remove rust, buff the pan with a fine wire wheel in an electric drill. Once you begin to see the smoke from the pan, you know it is dry enough. I allow the pan to sit on the stove until it starts smoking. Do yourself a favor and wipe your skillet down asap after cleaning, and then rub a drop or two of olive oil into the surface. If something sticks, scrape it with a spoon to dislodge it. Do not use reconditining cleaner or lye on aluminum! When you get done cleaning it up, it will look like new and it would have to be a super germ to survive the cleaning method.


This can be done in many different ways.

Oil does not work as well as these three. Instead, run it under warm water with a sturdy sponge and remove all dirt, grime, and anything else from the pan.

This article contains incorrect information. Follow us on social media: Mix enough in the plastic container to cover the items to be cleaned.

You can use the lye mixture several times. Have a Question – Just write and ask Click on my e-mail link below email the pan man. Then preheat the pieces in the degree oven for about 15 minutes or until they are hot. Then we checked them periodically over an hour or so to make sure that the oil was absorbing and that the pans were smoking. Once you see the pan is smoking and that the oil is evaporating, you need to turn the stove off.

Refurbish Your Finish

It will eat the aluminum! Always wear rubber gloves. It is generally recommended grjddle you cook fatty foods in the pan as this adds to the seasoning process.

So just keep that in mind when rubbing the oil onto the cast iron pan. We were looking to can them.

Preheat the oven to degrees. Please tell us what was incorrect: Wash your skillet with hot water ONLY.

After the piece is heated remove it and apply shortening. Well, during this time we had to get everything out of the kitchen. Now, this step can be done in at least 3 different ways.

Reconditioning & Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

So we repeated the same restoration process of burning it, washing it, drying it, oiling it, and then we used the grill to finish the reconditionnig process. Using your grill to help season old pans is a great option. Lye like oven cleaner is very caustic and will burn you. It is now important to neutralize and stop the action of the vinegar.


The 3 Deadly Sins Of Cast Iron Skillet Care (PHOTOS)

Let the pan soak for several minutes, then wipe it out with a paper towel. The bag keeps the oven cleaner from drying out so it will continue to work. Let it burn for about minutes. After my pan has been thoroughly coated in oil I set it back on the stove. It is has been coated with oil and now you are ready to complete the seasoning process.

So I put a couple of tablespoons of oil in the pan. It just means that it is drying thoroughly. Do not apply enough to run. When you remove them this time let them cool down a bit, but are still hot, then wipe them to a dull shine. The first method is by burning it. Of all the prized possessions in my kitchen, one of my favorites was also probably the cheapest. Most collectors will not buy a piece that has been sand blasted.

When you get a cast iron skilletbefore you cook a single thing in it, you begin the seasoning process. You can also soak the piece over night in an alkaline solution such as washing soda which is available in the cleaning dept of most supermarkets and also some hardware stores.

This removes any moisture in the oven which could condense on the cold skillet leaving a very fine gold or rust color. You can do this with two different methods. There is also a risk of warping the piece.