Ranma finds them and they try to escape the garden, which is spewing poisonous gases; Ranma tries to use the fan and the scepter, but they backfire. He has feelings for Ukyo Kuonji, though they go unanswered. After briefly wrestling with his competing desires, Tatewaki decides he wants to be with them both and, in keeping with his ego, assumes that they are so in love with him that they will accept this. She would rather steal Akane’s wardrobe, get spoiled by an admirer, or empty Soun’s savings to buy expensive items. He generally assumes that most incidents are Ranma’s fault, and he often manifests himself as a ghostly, floating oni head to scare or intimidate Ranma in such a situation. Retrieved September 1,

Though he is initially no match for Ranma, after losing his memory for a time, he shows the potential to become far stronger. Akari loves pigs, and their potential strength as warriors. In altri progetti Wikiquote. The Complete Anime Guide: And Azusa has an additional appearance in an episode of the TV series. Nel capitolo 38, Trovato!

During this training, she fell into the “Spring of Drowned Cat,” making her cursed to turn into a cat, the one thing Ranma fears most, and she blames him for this status. This led Ryu’s father to believe he could use the Yamasenken to restore his dojo, but when he practiced takabixha attacks indoors he ended up destroying the building, causing it to fall on top of him which led to his death.

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Most of his special techniques are ridiculous to behold but, amazingly enough, not completely uselessand he uses those quite often. Takavisha the “Bean-Gun Plant” story, Nabiki invested some of her earnings in stocks, but she is unwilling to spend her own money. He has been in love with Ukyo Kuonji since they went to school together, and is thus jealous of Ranma, who he believes to have stolen Ukyo.

Martial arts is the year-old hero’s life.

Retrieved from ” https: In the process, Akane is attacked by a giant creature, and is saved, just like when she was young, by Shinnosuke, who still bears the marks on his back. Shampoo appears to have a stronger offense, while Ukyo has a stronger defense, which has enabled her to stall Ranma or Ryoga for longer than her rival.


Even so, her dedication to teaching also takahisha she wants him to succeed in her classes, and has made an effort to help him with his studies.

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Ryoga accepts training from Cologne because he feels that he can use it to best Ranma, and win Akane’s interest. Sasuke is a loyal servant and often tries spisode help Tatewaki defeat Ranma and steal Akane away from him. He and Genma set up an arranged marriage between his daughter, Akane, and Ranma in order to unite the Tendo and Saotome Schools and continue its legacy.

She just considers him to be a good friend and finds his antics amusing.

Ranma impara ad usare l’Umisen-ken. As captain of the kendo team, Tatewaki was the school’s most powerful warrior before Ranma’s takabiwha. As Shampoo was still trying to lure Ranma, she turns against them and chases them with the twins.

Tofu Ono, the family physician, is deeply in love with her, though she has no idea about it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He’ll start announcing wedding plans if Ranma and Akane seem romantically involved. Non porta rancore a lungo: They land at Ranma and Akane’s school, where a thick garden grows at the entrance. She episoe briefly moo to Ranma after Akane got frustrated with him, and rented him out as slave labour, but she also brought the two back together after Ranma seemed to demand too much effort.

In questa forma comincia a graffiare e a trasformare tutto in trucioli, totalmente fuori ranja. Hebereke School for Girls, who is referred to as “The Black Rose” in Japanese, Kurobara no Kodachiapparently due to her signature theatrical style of exiting a scene by leaving behind a swirling trail of black roses accompanied by high-octave laughter.

In spite of this, he is a very mindful and accommodating host at his dojo towards all sorts of visitors.

Happosai helps his mother with the birth, and accidentally bathes him in the most accursed spring in the area, and because of the customs of the village, Happosai also names him.

He is also a widower, left to single-handedly take care of his three daughters. After absorbing a person’s aura, her body becomes that of an adult, and she can then fire the energy back at her opponent, though she also returns to eplsode actual form.


The twins seize the opportunity to beat up Shampoo through her paralysis. He uses trickery and traps in battle, and often utilizes eppisode, smoke bombs, in his hands lethal cheap paper swords, a whirlwind of paper bills, and the “Duplicating Body Technique”, which allows him to create up to four doubles, though he has not used it in battle. On his return from Hawaii, his first action is to attempt to force standard haircuts on all students buzz cuts for boys, bowl cuts for girlswhich begins a rivalry between the Principal and Ranma Saotome.

With his last moments of life, he gave Ryu the scroll and told him to find the scroll containing the companion Umisenken. Thanks to an agreement between his father and Soun Tendo, he is engaged to Soun’s daughter Akane.

He is often helpful to anyone who visits and tries to offer whatever help he can. He has been in love with her for most of his life, but she finds him annoying at best, rebuking his advances ever since they were children. Koruma and Masala are Kiima’s loyal, dedicated, and easily impressed part crow young bodyguards and handymen.

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Even when he is shown to be not behaving maliciously, his actions and intervention always episide in grave consequences. She, however, does harbor a vague sympathy with Kuno her classmate as she affectionately calls him “Kuno Baby”.

She was very sickly as a child. During this time, she devoted herself to okonomiyaki-style martial arts to prepare to exact revenge on the Saotomes. Taro is highly ruthless and power-hungry. He generally assumes that most incidents are Ranma’s fault, and he often manifests himself as a ghostly, floating oni head to scare or intimidate Ranma in such a situation.

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