In the evening, Anukalp wonders why he was affected when Goldie offered Mona a lift. Goldie promises to bring Mona back home on time. Rano dramatically tells Satnaam that Mona had lied to everybody about college and was with Goldie the whole day. Goldie tells Bharti that Anukalp has invited them to help in the preparations. Joshi on 13 August is an Indian actress. Mona lies to everyone that Sweetie is suffering from pre-wedding anxiety.

Shakti Mohan topic Shakti Mohan is an Indian dancer. She played the role of Tia in Ishqbaaz. She tells Amrit, who offers Anukalps family sweet yogurt. Member feedback about Ketki Dave: Mona goes to meet Adarsh oblivious of Anukalps presence. Mona gets a phone call in the morning and is shocked. Aunt Rano mocks Mona by asking her how her day at the college was. Satnaam is worried about Mona’s marriage.

Goldie also tells him how asking forgiveness from Daarji would make him a great person.

Bharti rudely states that Mona is not family. Aunt Rano taunts Mona for returning from college englisj Goldie. Preet Kaur Madhan is an Indian television actress. Mona tells him that she will not take the important decision of her marriage without taking Anukalp’s approval.

Priyal Gor is an Indian television and film actress.

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Rano threatens to leave the house as it is unfair that Mona’s marriage is on the cards before Priya’s as she is elder to Episodez.


Shakti Mohan is an Indian dancer. When Amrit tries to make Rano understand, she retorts that the home is now mllayi by her sisters-in-law! Mona takes Anukalp on a tour around the city. The whole family is upset to see Adarsh. However, she ends up further ridiculing and insulting her. Anukalp is worried when he sees Bhartis reactions.

Meanwhile, Anukalp changes his mind and comes back to pick Mona. Gauri who has started Sweetie is shocked and almost screams. Sapno Ko Awaaz De.

Anukalp returns from office and notices Mona waving. A couple of unruly men comment on Mona’s character and accuse her of roaming with two boys. Kalpesh tells Bharti to talk to Anukalp. Indraneel Bhattacharya born 14 October is an Indian film and television actor. Satnaam assures Amrit that he will make the necessary arrangements. Sweetie, however, pesters her to accept the proposal since Josi is well-settled.

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The doctor called by Mona gives Babuji a clean chit. Kalpesh informs Anukalp of Bharti’s refusal to eat anything till Anukalp agrees to get married. Sweetie later asks Amrit to convince Mona to marry Goldie as her refusal would put Sweetie in an awkward position at her in-laws’ house.

Vimmi agrees to her demands as it is the first marriage in the house.


Member feedback about Avinash Sachdev: Mona teases Sweetie that she worries too much about her beauty. However, the couple soon manage to convince their families and get subtitlez. She has a younger sister Purbi Joshi who is also an actress and an anchor. Personal life Ketki was born on 13 August to the parents Sarita Joshi, an actress[5] and Praveen Joshi, a theatre director. Mona sees Anukalp getting into Vartikas car and decides to decline if Anukalp offers a lift.

As they leave, Goldie sees them together. Meher Vij is an Indian film and television actress.

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Mona sees the biker and wants to catch him but Sweetie stops her. Hetal tells Anukalp that his friends have come to meet him. Mona starts bragging about herself, and Anukalp comments that she has started imitating Goldie.

Anukalp tries to convince himself to kilayi practical and not get swept away by emotions. Sweeties family heaves a sigh of relief when Satnaam informs everyone that all is well.