Almost everything wants to eat almost everything else. I’ll cheerfully buy a ticket for the next ride. Part of why I gave it 5 stars, was because I think China has gained some immense discipline as a writer. Melville’s influence is the most immediately obvious in a story that features a captain’s obsessive quest for a great white beast , but others come to mind. Retrieved 17 May P I really think you’ll love this to bits. Dec 31, Patrick added it. Mmmm, now do I want to read this one?

Some paragraphs are almost too dense, and could be quite a challenge for younger readers. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. D And I’m excited by the hopeful ending. But the story of a boy on a quest and the people he successfully enlists in his cause made for a compelling tale, essentially a portrayal of the power of an individual to exceed the constraints of fear and superstition. Not every captain of the Stereggeye Lands had one, but a fair proportion grew into a close antipathy-cum-connection with one particular animal, which they came to realise or decide-to decidalise-embodied meanings, potentialities, ways of looking at the world. Copyrights Railsea from BookRags. As I am hoping to squeeze it in soon I only read your opening. I have been wanting to try more Mieville, because he seems like such a wonderful author.

D As for the ending, it’s still on the subtle side as in, it’s more of a possibility being opened up than an unmistakeably positive eventbut it’s clearer than in some of his other books.

Main menu Skip to content. So I don’t have that context for reviewing Railsea, a retelling, sort of, of Moby Dick.

It could be the whole of the railsea. He just picks the best themes to be obsessed with and he makes me want to finally finish Moby Dick, just so I can really get all the allusions in his work. Railsea is billed as a story ‘for all ages,’ and that’s an apt description.


But the disrespectful worship of That Apt Ohm was taken more seriously there, pursued with more verve, than at most stops on the railsea. It ultimately collapsed, leaving the rails behind. Zibilee May 15,1: Part of why I gave it 5 stars, was because I think China has gained some immense discipline as a writer.

One technique I wasn’t sure I would enjoy was the use of an ampersand to begin a sentence. Isabella Kratynski May 14,1: Where some trains are driven by engines, yes, but others are blown by huge sails, or moved by slave-driven pistons, or pulled by a herd of rhinos.

Vivienne May 14,1: For those new to the author this is great place to start. I’m not sure how I felt about it. Jenny May 18,6: Burrowing owls, digging rats, beetles as big as a car, and worms the size of the trains themselves. This book is peculiar. Your review makes it sound amazing though.

Railsea – China Miéville | tomcat in the red room

I just loved it. I want to go back to him, but the thought of the bleakness is deterring me! Moley-Dick, who sadly, left to pasture in the holy grounds too quickly.

I think despite the bleakness a lot of his work has that tiny spark of hope at the end, but perhaps in Railsea the ending is more traditionaly hopeful, like the spark is a bit more of a flame? But why, Tomcat, you ask, why this explicit focus on form? When they come across a wrecked train, at first it’s a welcome distraction.

Railsea by China Miéville ~ things mean a lot

View all 24 comments. One turns out to be a duplicitous kidnapper; two more, a brother and sister, leave metropolitan Manihiki City, “the centre of the world,” on their own beat-up train in order to finish the voyage of tailsea on which two of their three parents Manihikian kids have three parents disappeared.


This is strange and bizarre world that can only be conceived in Mieville’s head with storyline only him can pull off. Heidi May 16, Cover of the first US hardcover edition of Railsea. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Railsea.

In some respects this makes it a bit dry and nerdy compared to “non-literary” YA fiction out there. Grace Rqilsea 14,3: I am so glad you liked this.

China Mieville’s ‘Railsea’: ‘Moby-Dick’ Remixed

Yet for all this, the book’s chief glory is its prose. Sham is a good young adult protagonist that goes through all the familiar coming of age story plot points.

I’ve only read one book by China Mieville, but I’ve heard many good things about his writing from many smart people.

I have been wanting to try more Mieville, because he seems like such a wonderful author. I should have hated the book for that alone, but miraculously, I didn’t.

Gender roles are never even alluded to, it is just a part of the world that women do the exact same jobs as men, and nothing whatsoever is thought about gailsea. View all 77 comments.