But he is too late when his sweet dream turns to nightmare as Buppha is now on the rage again. Buppah Rahtree is a loner female student at a Bangkok university who becomes the object of a wager by a group of male students to see if she can be bedded. When will we have legal casinos then? Yeah, a big one. Going from the opening seance which is rather chilling featuring the ghost interrupting their seance and continually attacking them, the early scenes showing her school and home life that leads to the later events in here and the flashback scene showing her getting attacked which signals the change into the ghost all feature some more straightforward attempts at scares which don’t have the same silliness and terror mixed together which is what gives them their more effective staying power. I can do whatever I want. Hold on a minute.

Hey, your put on too much lipstick. What kind of moron can’t even spell her own name? I’ll spell it for you. Then why did the pigeon fell dead to the ground? Not worth my energy. Are you not getting it?

Rahtree Reborn (English Subtitled)

Do you know why I haven’t broken up with you? She got admitted to the medical school in Bangkok. Moo, go take a look. I thought I’ve burnt movir a long time ago. Must be in the casino. Blackbird, blackbird, your egg was hatched by a crow. Why are you running around?


Set in a future Bangkok, the story picks-up after a hit-gone-wrong on “Iron Cop”, the area police chief. OUT Do you believe in reincarnation?

Buppah Rahtree Full Movie Eng Sub Download

A Film by Yuthlert Sippapak The victim’s been dead for about a week. Come on, open the door. Master Kong’s Assistants Thongkam Phumpipat You were supposed to say yes!

Can you do that?

Can’t you see it? Could you confirm pushing the cup too? Mak served in the war during the beginning of the Rattanakosin Dynasty. Are you being pessimistic? Hey, have you seen Neung, my nephew?

บุปผาราตรี Rahtree Reborn English subs – video dailymotion

Where do you want me to move to? I say we’d better get out of here. Welcome home, dear hubby.

It depends on whether you can take care of them. Then you should move out. Looks like your daughter can’t get along with her friends. I miss my mommy. The only other part of this one that really doesn’t work is the confusing nature of whether or not mogie girl is really possessed by the sib or if she’s the one going on the rampage in her name, as the whole possession affair is utterly confusing and doesn’t really make this any better for the film as this one really could’ve used a better explanation to this angle.


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Which one do you want to hear first? How could you say this? Each of them will be bringing 3 million to challenge me. Lam, did you push it? There’s a problem loading this eg right now. She decides to fly to New York City to forget her painful past and spend her last four months there. Eat some holy Jasmine rice! I’ll be back to punish you. I give to you Are you drunk or you just feel heavy? They didn’t make it. The corny mugging for the camera, absurd dialects and rather weird physical traits for many of the residents in the apartment are put forward here in order to keep this the same goofy and silly tone that’s mixed alongside the more horror-based features here which makes for a good time.