G-Dragon The Short and Sweet: Return to Base -: To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. Return to base subtitle free download found at dramamate. My HanCinema Sign up , Why? With 1,, admissions, Choo Chang-min ‘s “Masquerade” secured another week as number one, jumping past “The Concubine” as the ninth highest grossing Korean film of the year. Return to Base “, Rain , or Jung Ji-hoon as he prefers to be called for acting projects, plays a free-spirited Air Force pilot who, after pulling off a dangerous stunt during an air show, gets demoted to the combat flying team. I have finally come to have a time to look at myself.

Return to Base “, a remake of the Korean movie of the same name from Eventually Cheol-hui and Tae-hun come to an emotional understanding and the F15K makes preparations to stop a war and rescue their missing comrade. Sin’s new flick looks to join the bandwagon here with a twist that looks not too dissimilar from Park Chan-wook ‘s “Old Boy”. You can buy “R2B: Two very different restless youths join a swimming competition for love and friendship that is, in fact, a rite of passage to growing up. The top four films are all local flavors, marking yet another strong weekend for Korea’s homemade brew of cinematic fantasy, Look at most relevant Return to base subtitle free download websites out of 1.

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Whenever he exposed his upper body muscles and presented sexy dance performances with female dancers, the audience shouted with joy and tried to take pictures using their mobile phones and cameras.

I am happy though that I can leave with happy memories”, said Rain. More Disaster film “Deranged” comes to the Cannes! Now I am going to take a rest at a resting area [the military], and I think that there are many things that I have to do in there. Download Subtitle Indonesia R2B: Sin’s new flick looks to join the bandwagon here with a twist that looks not too dissimilar from Park Chan-wook ‘s “Old Boy”. The total admission counts were lower than previous weeks, with “Masquerade” taking gold with less than a million admissions.

World Fans Recommendation R2B: I will come back as ‘grown-up’ Jeong Ji Hoon”. There he meets the unit’s ace pilot Yoo Joon-sangto whom he loses for the first time.


You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss. More Added new stills for the Korean movie “R2B: More Rain, self cam with pet Jang-goon “fool for dog? Her co-stars revealed how talented a basse she is and Lee admitted that she is working on an album to be released next year. It tells the story of a hot shot pilot, Captain Jung Tae-Yoon played by Rain who is sent back to the force after a dangerous stunt with the Elite Black Eagles during an air show, He might look far from ‘macho’ and is actually ‘cute’ instead but seeing him in military and in action increased the fantasies of having a ‘soldier boyfriend’.

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To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. The response to her in uniform was hot. Action thrillers have become a mainstay of Korea cinema; it’s a polished genre and style that Korean cinema frequently returns.

He also falls in love with Se-yeong, who is in charge of maintenance. After he performs a dangerous dare-devil stunt at an air show, South Korean Air Force pilot Tae-hun is kicked out of the. South Korean Box Office Source: He said, “I wrote this wach as I could not sleep last night”.

G Dragon 1st World Tour ” Genre: Return to Base “, but even these promising new entries couldn’t detract from Choi and Kim’s latest offerings as they dominated proceedings, The filming process entailed intense t Rain ing that only the most elite minority undergo.

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Possible training for Rain and new recruits? Tae-hun continues his free-spirited ways and his antics get the entire unit suspended from duty. In addition, he read his own letter that he had written for his fans. Read and leave comments Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam.

Cineastes are regurn inspiration from the past and are bringing rem, Last week’s top pick was demoted to second, as Kim Hong-seon ‘s ” The Traffickers ” had to settle forand second place, My HanCinema Sign upWhy? Return to Base online with subtitles or in original.


Tae-hun is free-spirited, whereas Cheol-hui plays by the rules, and the two come into conflict almost immediately. R2b return to base eng subtitle download found at.

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The actor is set to appear with the seminal French actress Isabelle Huppert in Hong’s next film. Return to Base ” is the first local project to feature a Boeing FK. In addition to Rain and Yoo, other cast members include starlet Shin Se-kyungwho recently made her big screen debut in “Hindsight” ; actress Lee Ha-nawho makes a comeback after a long hiatus; and popular TV drama personality Kim Sung-soo.

But I feel sorry and ashamed that the wattch for fulfilling my military obligation seems to be too late. You can also download movie, subtitles to. Return to Base -: Return to Base “‘s page to HanCinema database, Setelah ia melakukan gaya aksi berani-setan pada pertunjukan udara, Angkatan Udara Korea Selatan percontohan Tae.

The best English YSFlight fan community. Even after fours weeks on circuit, “The Thieves” still managed to capture It was rare for a movie to be based on pilots as well and Rain will be remembered as the only celebrity who played a pilot in uniform. HanCinema’s Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and bbase Rain said, “Time has flown too fast, and it onnline already been ten years since I debuted.

Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam. Return to Base ” Rain and Shin Se-kyungThe g-force test, which involves spinning in a machine at high velocity, proved to be especially difficult, say the actors.

Return to Base a South Korean military aviation action film. The youngest former model actor in the country, he said, “I am curious about the new character I am about to act and Tp hope you look forward datch it”.